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Tweetdeck, twellow
I use hootsuite on my computer and Twitterefic on my phone.
I regularly use Social Oomph which used to be Tweet Later and also recently used twable to find Facebook friends on Twitter. I'm currently tweeting on specific topics and using hashtags to keep track of my tweets.

Some have recommended Tweetdeck for those who use it, how do you use it?
I use Hootsuite the most...don't see it on the list. RT'd this post though.
Hmmm... I tested the TwitterDeck but since I still don't really see the point of Twitter... although I have seen a video last week that changed my mind, but I still need to get into it.

I cannot find the very video I'm talking about here, but if you're in Twitter, you may still want to check out this blog:

Hope this helps some!
Alexis Wilke
I have no idea how to use twitter, yet. I wish it came with a users manual.
Forgive me but I cannot find out how post tweets, or to use any kind of messageboards simply because I do not know how to find them or any other apps.
I have been signed up for sometime, and I still can not figure out how to use the network.
I am new to Twitter. Can anyone share wich are the best Twitter Applications? Why are they the best?
Hi Brian,

I have tried TwitterDesk. If you want to have conversation with many people, that's a good way to go. It will help you thread messages.

Otherwise, I just send my posts to twitter, without really doing much more. Just like a radio broadcasting for me.

Good luck!
I like to use TweetDeck, Tweetmeme and SocialOomph


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