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Was wondering if anyone here is on Naymz? What has your experience been? I have used primarily for SEO. If your on Naymz send me an invite and we can connect!

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Hi Mark,

I'll connect, I'm

Just wondering how you got your blog emailed to all members on VN. I posted a blog last week and it didn't get sent around (so its not an auto thing).

Invite on its way.
Thanks Simon
I invited you :-)
Thanks Solveigh
CityLocal_Cork, To be honest I not sure how I did that. I will have to pay better attention next time.
Wouldn't touch it. Expensive and for no reason I can see. Why pay for it if you can get the same, or possibly better. service on Plaxo or Linkedin
I actually don't use the paid version. I am with you on that. I found that by adding my blog feed I get more viability. I was just curious if anyone else here was using so we could link up. It a form of what's called "daisy chain" in SEO terms.
I only use the free version.
Naymz doesn't costs anything..., if I do not choose to pay - and I do not see for what I should pay?
They do have a paid version. But I use the free and am able to do everything from a SEO standpoint I need.
I only use Naymz for SEO as well. I didn't find it easy to navigate and when I did a search found very few people I knew on it. I just sent you a connect invite.


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