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There are so many social media tools out there now, that it has gotten tough to select, manage, and update them every time I want to do a posting or try to make some connections. So, who knows the latest in meta tools for choosing, accessing, sharing, posting, and managing social networking tools?

Vic Desotelle
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Here are my top 3 picks for social media aggregation...
thanks much!
vic :)
I use:

I'm still learning how each of these function so I haven't used them very much. The one I use more often is
thank you thank you!
vic :)
TweetDeck - slightly useful. I am also a fan of OnlyWire and Will check out some of these other URLs tonight.
Hey this is a great post! In Fact, I was finding this sort of a topic all over the net! Thanks to Vic, and all those who have commented to give in extra suggestions!

Three quick suggestions:
Open LinkedIn, check the box to send the update to Twitter.
Open Plaxo and go to your links and add your Facebook account.
Enter your update in LinkedIn and you get the message to your LinkedIn and Twitter network.
Cut and paste the update sentence to Plaxo and it will update your Plaxo and Facebook network.
You now have updated what I feel are the four most powerful groups in social networking for business today.

Firefox browser will let you have browser start up groups by day or put the links into your operating system start up group so that the following three websites come up each each day. Close them by end of day and you will get four social media websites updates with one sentence that is cut and pasted one time and submitted twice.
I had no idea - thanks to all the replies - and thanks to Vic for asking - I've got some reviewing to do!

Michael G Murray
Chief Solution Provider
I use to post on about 20 different social media places. That's really cool! 8-)

And at some point I will fully integrate that feature in my websites too so all my customers will be able to do it right from their site (at this time, it uses and there are a few drawbacks...) More about our web hosting can be found here:

Good luck!

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