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I have 42 years of work and consultancy experience. For the last five years I have been concentrating on teaching and consulting in the field of Managing for Quality, I have expertise in Design for Quality, Toyota Production System and Lean Manufacturing and Management, Value Engineering, Reliability Engineering, Supply Chain Management with emphasis on Supplier Relations and Assessment of Suppliers, Ergonomics, and Customer Focus and Satisfaction.

I am now in the process of setting up a website to promote consultancy and training in the field of Quality Management. I plan to offer customised workshops and showcase Slide Shows covering Quality Tools and Techniques and offer a lot of Quality Resources.

I do not have the money to set up this business, only expert knowledge of the subject and capability to transfer knowledge and help individuals and organizations in their quest for managing with quality. So the website will be set up as a free site - presently thinking of hosting it on

I need advice from my friends and well wishers on:
What essentials should go on this site?
What should I name this website?
Where can I download appropriate templates for this website? I especially want a suitable banner/header.
What should be my business model?
How do I pull in business from across the globe?
Which is the best free website service provider. Later on when business starts earning miney I will set up a more extensive paid website.
Any other learnings and advice you can offer is most welcome.

You can contact me at

Warm regards,

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