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JV? Do You Fit This Criteria? If you are a veteran networker then this may be for you.

Why are you here? On This Site here at the VN?

Are you here to make money? To Learn so you can earn?


If you answered yes to those two then lets delve deeper and here is something to learn about me then. About me and what I do. I own just over 50 websites that I use to earn a living on when I am not busy with other "Stuff". They are my pride and joy because I made them with my own hands. Some I like, some I love and some that stand out.

Three stand out right away.

First though, What is your Primary Business?

If you answered making money and helping people then read on otherwise stop and leave.

Seriously as we have nothing in common :-)

No this isn't Amway but if you didn't answer yes then this is not for you.

Three of my businesses relate to helping people. Really seriously helping them.

Sales?  Commissions? Thats a side effect here not the motivator -Thats what my other sites are for. I truly want to help people.....and so should you. I'm big on Karma.


I am also like most of you- a networker...a connector... to ideas and solutions.


First I help people get connected to the right people to help them settle their personal debts for far less than they owe. They do it legally, get the job done, have a great track record and don't spam anyone.

Next is a company that works with the IRS to help you settle up with Uncle Sam and get your accounts unfrozen, properties released from levy, innocent spouse relieif etc.

Third is a site to learn and refine your trade in various aspects of network marketing as well as finding new opportunities in online marketing.


Why am I mentioning this?


Most of you here are experienced online marketers. You also see it plastered everywhere how 97% of people doing this fail. Why ? They run out of money chasing the dream and the bills still need to get paid.

Now I am just like you here and I am not talking just in MLM and the next new launch,,,  or Adsense,  CJ, Linkshare, Clickbank etc and do it to make tiny one time commissions "Hopefully" on volume.


Couldnt you still do what you normally do in your day to day throws of life and just divert some of your attention to another task at hand if it meant so much?


Wouldn't you rather help real people and make large commissions? Some that are residual and pay every month!


Last question-Do you know how to drive traffic?


Yes? Then please read on. 


If you write blogs, use adwords and PPC, build polls and surveys, know how to drive traffic, then you can earn a very nice living that you can TRACK. Think of the good Karma knowing that you are helping people out. This is a REAL Business and I can show you all how it works and see if you qualify to work with my sources directly. NO fee! NO BS $47 fee from clickbank! LOL


That's right-NOTHING Out of Pocket! I"m not giving a way a Free Book or Report either.

Not Success In Ten Steps ( I do love those guys) There is obviously no capture here and you wont have to worry about being placed on an Autoresponder you wont read.LOL


I wont keep it a secret. I WILL earn from what you produce.... IF you produce and even then its on a very small scale and it is NOT out of your "end" which is why and how I am

"Helping You" to "Help Yourself and Help Other People"


Like I said. I own other sites. I join in the Launches just like you too, but these are tangible business models unaffected by Google. In the worst era since the depression. People in foreclosure and living hand to mouth. They need their credit card payments cut in half. They want to avoid bankruptcy. They want to rebuild their credit after. They need to get put on a repayment plan with the IRS and negotiate it with the IRS and nobody should EVER have to do that alone.


They will find an answer whether you helped guide them or not but be 100% sure of this- SOMEONE WILL HELP THEM. give them an answer. Guide them like I am guiding you. Question here is will it be you?  Why not you?



"Death and Taxes" is the cliche here to keep in mind. Debt is like diabetes and its here forever. You cant escape Uncle Sam and Tax Relief is always going to be around.


I hope I made you think.

Reach out to me if you would like to chat and learn some more about me and what I do.

New Tax Affiliates


Learn To Earn








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