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JESUS is always there, when trials and tribulations, and even in harms ways Jesus is always there.

After facing many challenges this week with my Moms health and caring for my grand babies, getting them back and forth to school and daycare. As I was leaving from the daycare, the back car door swung opening. I didn't realize she tried to open the door on that side of the car when I dropped them off, nevertheless as I pulled into traffic, the door swung open, then it closed and I continue to drive, heading home. As I headed for Elm Street, I turned off Metcalf on to Faurot and that's when my car did a circle and a half and landed on the sidewalk. It all happen so fast I screamed, as though it would help me, later I realize the scream would not help, JESUS did he kept angels around me and I was safe on the sidewalk and No one else was around. I pulled off, heading home, never said a word to no one. Until I got home. The next day I went to the hospital and I put on bed rest, with Meds order by the Doctor. The Angel in Heaven truly watching over me.


Please know I will be on and off the network. I pray we all truly keep on minds and lives in the Hands of Jesus.. amen. he will make a way out of no way. I am holding on to God's unchanging hands.


God Bless us all

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God is Able....

God is Able to make impossible things possible

God is Able to deliver us from the impossible issues we are in...

God is Able to save us from the hands of he wicked...


Keep your faith on God will doing it, he had done for many and he is still doing it, he is able...


God is God


God Bless...


Bishop Williams

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