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As much as I love to build followers and tweet, I am just not seeing the numbers that I get from facebook and linkedin.  Although it may be great for celebrities, Dell, and Bill Gates, I am starting to believe that it is a waste of energy for the average professional.  I would like to hear what everyone else thinks...

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I didn't feel it (Twitter) is necessary to subscriber as LinkedIn (professional use) & Facebook (entertainment, fnf) can solve my major purpose.

yes your right it is waste of energy but if your guru than it will play a vital role in your advertising,thanks take care of yourself
Hello Helen!
I still need to be convinced of its full potential. But I believe it's an easy way to get a message trough. It really depends on what you are doing and why you are using it: to promote you business or/and to increase your social network.
I use it for the same reason Bill Gates does: ping to your followers. Nothing more.
Twitter is first of all. My personal journal and spa, which I have posted my favorite music, motivational, spiritual, physical and financial post and videos that I use to pump me up when that time of the month rolls around. To me that's a very valuable resource.

Twitter is my marketing tool used to nurture the ground in which my seeds of prosperity are planted. With over 1500 twitter followers and growing daily, there is bound to be a need that my businesses can fulfill. When I have a need, one search offers several followers that are experts in a variety of areas. Connections, is a valuable resource.

Twitter in moderation is a valuable resource. Thanks for the post Helen.

I think it depends on what you wish to get out of usining Twitter as much as HOW you actually use it!

Twitter, for me, seems to take a little more time in approaching others but you have to get involved with what is going on. This is true with many other online social networks as well. You can't just post your info and then walk away! You wouldn't necessarily do that when meeting face to face with other either.

SLOW & steady has always benfited our teams and provided quality prospects and friends on any of the social sites!

Hope this helped! Enjoy the day.
Helen, here's the million-dollar question that I think hasn't been asked. What are you specifically using Twitter for? What do you need it to do for you? What did you expect it to do for you?
With my scone company, I have found twitter to be a great tool in letting my customers know what flavors are available each day.
I am really just learning all the ropes here. I must admit I didn't really understand the rules when I started out on Twitter, but for the little time I have available I find it's not doing much for me. I have done my tweeting wrong as I can see now. However, I find it takes too much time to follow a huge crowd. I certainly cannot be on there every day. I do read bits and pieces of tweets.
Twitter has linked me to a number of Editiors of Property Investing Magazines and hence I have been featured in them generating business. It works for me - but my Tweets have always been full of info or RT or articles - only recently have I started promoting my course.


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