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Social Media has numerous outlets that can be used to target your demographic whether is personal or business. Some use the term ROI (return on influence) and others say return on investment. Many corporations stand to believe return on influence is a sham because as a Social Media Marketer you are being paid and need to generate sales and income! Social Media's new uprising is leaving business owners confused as to whether they need to hire an intern or a Marketing Manager with a bunch of interns or even a small team for Social Media Marketers with a few interns. Regardless of the skeptics and confusion Social Media grows and business owners are undoubtedly being pushed into this "trending topic." Multiple factors go into creating these "return on investment" campaigns. While the only investment corporations are making is your salary and their "open mind" of your Social Media expertise. What happens once you get to that point where you "need" a robot or to buy some images?

Now you might be thinking well I don't need those things, I can do it all on my own. Most of us can, but in order to create a Social Media Campaign you need to utilize the proper tools to hit your deadline and obtain sales in high volume. Corporations that have experienced success using Social Media have opened their mind to extending a Social Media budget or a direct correspondence with other outlets within the company (ie: design, programming, linking). However there is still the other guy full of doubts and a tight wallet expecting a world of great from Social Media.

Ive always seemed to work around this obstacle by investing in my own campaigns but when will this end? When will the posers and re-posters be weeded out from the real Social Media Marketers rebirthing our reputation for the better good giving corporations buyer security?
Social Media is embedded in me from all those years of of being grounded.. Thanks Mom!  

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Hi Teasa,

appreciate your reply but my question is this:

Does your income warrant the amount of time and effort spent?

Put another way: If you divided the amount you've earned by the number of hours you've contributed, would it add up to more than minimum wage on an hourly rate?
I dedicate 2 days per week to just social media. My schedule is such that I have to break it up that way. So, 16 hours per week times 4 weeks per month = 64 hours a month on social media.

Without divulging my income, yes it adds up to more than a minimum wage hourly rate. I work from home exclusively. I travel when I want, and on a beautiful day like today, I am out to go take photos to share with friends. (I also provide photographic images to greeting cards.)

Yes it is worth my time. I always say, if you know how to optimize social media, you can make a comfortable income from it.
I have just joined this site, as it seems to be the thing to do- as there are So many social site out there- i am a home based business, event and wedding florals. I have set up a blog- not written yet. I was curious about your online gaming campaign, as I knoe thousands of facebookers game. was this something which is yours or is it like the ads which people make a few dollars with if someone clicks- gaming online seems to be more popular than building business between people- is this the future of social networking- i have not seen how you get people to follow you with a sea of site out there- any input on whole industry of social media would be great- continued success to you with your site.
I feel the key to social media is to have a unique and intriguing product. Finding such a product can take years, however.

We should also recognise that the Americans have made great advances by exploring the spaces between businesses, which I feel we in the UK are deeply suspicious of. Yet there are advances for all to be had by enabling business between two parties. So we need to build and trust in our relationships that we are all working towards the goal of providing better customer products and service.
I think it is under-estimated by corporates, brand owners and (to a lesser extent) by non-profits. The reason is most of us aren't willing to see more than two inches from the nose. Social media is a big player in the larger environment and culture in which people, businesses and governments have to operate in the years to come. It will likely reconfigure how a lot of things we do are done - from buying groceries to appreciating art, social media is going to determine our behaviour in more ways than we can immediately predict. Think of how we did just about anything before social media happened - buy a car, read an article, consult a doctor, keep in touch with friends. And think of how we do it now. You'll get what I'm talking about.
One man has been making a living from this, and is willing to share his knowledge - Shel Holz. He focused on the PR benefits of the internet back in 2002 (great book), and you can find him on Twitter:

One point to make, perhaps, is that we all recognise we will now quickly have to get better at business promotion. Slide shows, videos, relevant comments on the news of the day will form the bedrock of what we need to do. We then need to find channels that are interested in our products and services, and let them know what we are doing.

Admittedly this is a very simplified view, but perhaps it may help to look at it from a broader perspective before diving into the detailed do's, don't and benefits of day to day social networking.
I am blessed to be married to one of the world's leading experts on Social Media and it is all in the approach (mindset)... unfortunately 96% of the information we receive in this world is dead wrong (this is why 96% die broke, unhappy and unfulfilled while 4% contol the wealth and 80% of them are in true happiness, joy and goodwill to others) so we must get our heads and hearts right to see the correct approach...

A good place for all to start is by reprogramming the brain - the best man for this is Dr Joe Dispenza (from the movie 'What The Bleep Do We Know) -

My wife and I are in the 4% thanks to Joe and Eckhart Tolle and we now manifest every single thing we desire - everything (happiness, joy, money, business results, etc etc) so if you want the answers free get in touch...

You are worth our time to help you - we make our money through other sources so helping people is from our heart.

Smiles, love, abundance and gratitude to you,
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Your question is interesting but your post is unclear in expressing a point of view. What are you trying to say??
I feel its overrated cause it all depends on trends. If you take a look at myspace. This was the site to be apart of. Now MySpace is the past and the new sites are Facebook and/or Twitter. It won't be long for another site to become the new trend.


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