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Social Media has numerous outlets that can be used to target your demographic whether is personal or business. Some use the term ROI (return on influence) and others say return on investment. Many corporations stand to believe return on influence is a sham because as a Social Media Marketer you are being paid and need to generate sales and income! Social Media's new uprising is leaving business owners confused as to whether they need to hire an intern or a Marketing Manager with a bunch of interns or even a small team for Social Media Marketers with a few interns. Regardless of the skeptics and confusion Social Media grows and business owners are undoubtedly being pushed into this "trending topic." Multiple factors go into creating these "return on investment" campaigns. While the only investment corporations are making is your salary and their "open mind" of your Social Media expertise. What happens once you get to that point where you "need" a robot or to buy some images?

Now you might be thinking well I don't need those things, I can do it all on my own. Most of us can, but in order to create a Social Media Campaign you need to utilize the proper tools to hit your deadline and obtain sales in high volume. Corporations that have experienced success using Social Media have opened their mind to extending a Social Media budget or a direct correspondence with other outlets within the company (ie: design, programming, linking). However there is still the other guy full of doubts and a tight wallet expecting a world of great from Social Media.

Ive always seemed to work around this obstacle by investing in my own campaigns but when will this end? When will the posers and re-posters be weeded out from the real Social Media Marketers rebirthing our reputation for the better good giving corporations buyer security?
Social Media is embedded in me from all those years of of being grounded.. Thanks Mom!  

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Lot's of questions here and not sure which to address, but here's a try. For larger corporations, I would think you could deal with social media within the Marcomm Dept. This may be one person or a team of 50. Either way, by keeping it within Marcomm, you can make sure all of your marketing and promotions activities are "on message" and support each other. Wiith the exception of large corps, I think having a dedicated social media person may put things out of balance and put undue emphasis on soc. media vs. other activities. So, if instead you have a marcomm person, they can move in and out of the social media scene as needed depending upon what's going on in the company and the social media environment at any time.

As far as payback, I worry about dilution. How much information can an individual really absorb. What is all this social media time replacing - TV, books, magazines, newspapers, exercise, playing with our kids, leaving the house, movies, ....? There has to be some limit. More companies promoting, the same pool of people watching with the same 24 hours in a day, when does it break down?

Walter Plante
Chief Tasting Officer
Thats one question both small and large companies are asking themselves and to their marketing team/man. Actually its very simple. If the company wants sales/leads from social media and that too in a target oriented manner, its simply not possible. True, relationships formed through social media channels can result in business but that cannot be a precondition for using social media. At best, the companies can customize their presence in a sales enabler mode; but then they run the risk of being looked down-upon as a salesman and the whole idea of 'connecting with people' is lost. Let it function as a networking platform, the way its supposed to be used, and give the companies visibility and credibility in the process. The business will follow as every one wants to connect with people whose help & expertise can be sought for professional benefits.

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The problem companies are running into is that they are focusing on the word "social" in the tag social media, and not the term "media". The future success of businesses lies in the creation of content that people will want to consume (videos, games, marketing action campaigns), and that people can then SHARE via their social networks.

It's pointless to try and create a relationship with customers that only tries to benefit the customer from an egoic appeasement POV (a social connection). While that's important from one perspective, the interaction needs to also benefit the customers from a service, product quality, financial, brand loyalty, training, or entertainment perspective as well.

Content will always be king, but only as delivered by the killer app.

If you're interested, I put up a bunch of videos and written posts on the subject at (or click on my sig).

Wow, a hot topic. I think one of the problems with social media is that it is the first all free method to promote a product. Of course that means you will have to weed out the posers and spammers. But, to play devils advocate, those spammers sometimes have decent products and its like watching television, you have to watch the programs and skip through the commercials.

Social Media has great value, as it has helped to increased my blog traffic, as well as to increase my income. But, it is a delicate balance, a delicate mix between advertising and substantive content.
Social Media is primarily underrated. This is due to, in my opinion, the misuse of the various platforms. This misuse comes from, again in my opinion, the scammers and spammers.

The scammers and spammers in general have a decent grasp of various platforms; Twitter, Facebook, etc. They take this general knowledge in one direction. Meaning, they have a general "one size fits all" tactic for the use of the various platforms. What they lack is a concentrated understanding of the message required to make Social Media effective as a tool for business.

The message is different for everybody! Each company has to identify a target market, design a message that incorporates their brand and a call to action (buy this now, join this site, become a fan, request more information, etc.), and implement a plan that uses available tools to spread this message to their targeted audience in as cost effective a manner as possible. This means, each plan will be different! While two soft drink/soda companies may have extremely similar plans and messages, a shoe company or manufacturer or electronics retailer will look totally different. Most likely they'll not use the same tools as their target audiences "hang out" in different places.

The failure is not in Social Media, it's in the lack of a definitive strategy with concrete goals associated with the actual plan. The old "Hey, let's get a Facebook page because everyone else has one!" approach is as scattered and unfocused as it gets, but oh so common! It's the lack of definition in goal seting and strategy that hurts Social Media, not the efficacy of the tools or concept.
Agree with this - shows lack of business strategy. The upside is that at least the "Hey, let's get a FaceBook page" costs much, much less than "Hey, let's get Siebel", which one client I was at did. Gulp !
Social media is a first small step into the unknown.It is overrated in its ability to replace social encounters, it is under rated in its ability to stay for a while until its it reduced to its real core functions.
Therefore, there is no rush, may be the following steps are more profound.
May be social media it not able to replace, and to add something new...
Social media is still in the journey from technology to tool. By exploring the technology, finding the ways in which it can be used, and where the balance is between ethical use and intrusion, new benefits are emerging constantly.

It also allows those who may be just as socially inadequate face to face to discover where that fine line is, and actually work on improving their social skills. Patience and tolerance is needed from thos who communicate and those who receive. If we are open to doing things in new ways and learning from our experiences !
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From a business use of Social Media I'm very sceptical and increasingly cynical on this.

I've yet to come across a small business (or even a large one) that has a demonstrable (and profitable) return on investment from the time and effort they put into marketing themselves through social media.

There's plenty of anecdotal evidence that product interest and awareness has increased but only when it can be proven in dollars (or Pounds here in the UK) that a certain amount of effort equals a certain level of increased profitability will I be completely convinced.

When advising businesses on this I always try and lead them into measured use of the media. You could easily spend hours promoting your business through Facebook, Linked-in, Twitter etc and have absolutely nothing but a bunch of followers at the end of the day.

Don't get me wrong, I love social media, it's fun to be involved in. So please feel free to prove me wrong and...

"Show Me The Money!!!"

Karl Craig-West
UK Business Speaker and Commenter
Hey Karl, that's true you could spend hours promoting on the various social media networks and end up with nothing but followers. But, I'd like to share a story with you.

I began aggressively promoting on Facebook in December 2009 using Fan Pages. I had an online gaming campaign that I felt would engage users and earn money for me. Over the months I worked it, gave up on it, came back to it, and little by little I saw earnings increase month over month. What was I doing right, I thought.

The key to harvesting followers into money on Facebook is the level of engagement. In December 2009 I began with 1,300 users and an unknown amount of fans.

Today I have 146,651 users and 11,342 fans. My online gaming campaign benefits from these numbers. Today I have 42,000 signups from that Facebook page.

How do I know they all came from Facebook? Because that is the only place online I promote that particular campaign.

Hope this restores your faith in social media and what it can do.


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