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My vote is for dead. I personally never saw any use for it from the professional side. The wildly customized profile pages were always confusing to me. From what I have read, it sounds like their numbers are falling off the table and continue to get worse. Looking at the graph below, it is hard to believe that a little over a year ago MySpace had more monthly page views that Facebook. It is amazing how fast things can change in the world of social networks...

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Very interesting.

Best to go where the biz people are.

Thanks Jack Cupp
it's awesome.
i'm so happy about that!
Myspace does absolutely nothing for me. As a matter of fact I find it more appealing to kids. It just doesn't have a profession look to it.
I AGREE...fact of the matter is that Ning allows pretty much anyone to start what Myspace offered -- and more. they hypermarketed but didn't offer anything new...sort of lazy...
MySpace is not dead, yet, although it is decidedly unwell. You are right it never had any professional value - I only signed up on the site to protect my identity.
only go there once or twice a week but it is still the best platform form meeting creatives in music and with the CD duplication side of my business I still need to be there

Hello Tom,

Thanks for the info, Publio
the most difacult thing about MYSPACE to me was learning how to make it mine I had a hard time understanding how to decorate it...Ilet it go because of that reason much work in my already busy day..
Dead. I don't think I've been there in months and months. I never have liked it. The custom pages kill it. I never liked to go 'visit' a page as never knew what would hit me. I'd click off as quickly as possible most time. The blingy images sent in messages are overkill even though friends are great. And the fake contacts by 'romantic' interests are worst on the net. Usually non-USA looking for money scams or trying to get something going so they can get into USA, even by pretending they are from USA.
Boy I would hate to be the one that wrote this. "The wildly customized profile pages were always confusing to me." Obviously new person.
My target audience is not MySpace users so for that reason I've never created a profile there. In fact, I only created a Facebook page when other businesses started using it. I have a client who has a MySpace page and while branding his social networking sites, I said that he should keep it but his approach to MySpace should be different than the other sites as he is targeting a younger population. Until such time, I had only created LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter pages and designed a Twitter page. I agree with those who have commented about the difficulty in designing the MySpace page, I couldn't have done it without my knowledge of html and css coding. Whereas Twitter is much easier. Here is the result: Here is his Twitter page:
I joined MySpace back in 2003 and at the time, I found it interesting to be able to keep up with people I lost contact with. It was a new thing. As the site grew and more people joined, it became more of an annoyance to log on and check messages and comments. Everytime I logged in or went to another person's page, I always received an error message. MySpace is dead to me, but I don't really like Facebook either.


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