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Recently, I started a dialog with Maxine Clark (Founder and CEO of
Build-A-Bear), Gary Hoover (Founder of Hoovers, Inc --, co-founder Didier Guedj, Keida-Ann Borgella (Founder and
CEO of, and Suzanne Franco (Blog Idol
2009 -- -- who have all agreed to interview with me. I'm also in the process of adding John Cow as well.

In any case, what I want is for your to type out the Entrepreneur's name,  and the question you might have for them.

Also write your name and where you are from. I will be announcing your names and questions if I've picked them for the interview.

Tony Tovar

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That's AWESOME! Best of luck to you! Lisa :)
Hi Jose it's The Ace! In response to your post in the forum here is the best questions I personal use for my interviews:
1. Introduce yourself and what you do for a living or career?
2. How did you get your business started?
3. What is your goal with your entrepreneurship?
4. What's the best business advice you can share with the audience who are in your field of work?
5. Where can we find you on the internet what is your website or blog address?

Hope this helps you! Good Luck!
The Ace of Social Networking

Anastacia Hauldridge


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