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I need to get knowledge about social media marketing. What is good and in which way is I good?
What is bad or doesn’t work and why? Is there someplace where I can get a better view over all the possibilities and where I can compare them?

Thank you in advance for your inputs and advice.

Torben Allan Mikkelsen

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I would invest your time in the slideshow guides on this site:

The guides have real statistics on what works and what does not. The Science of ReTweets is a great one to start with.

You should also list your website and what your business is. Social media is not a simple solution. It is a medium that needs to be customized to the specific product, price point, and industry. looking to promote, is very well run
To each is own but the way I would recommend for you to get the jist of all this Social Media Marketing knowledge is the Alpha 2.0 Networker.

Hope this helps you!

The Ace


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