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What is social media?

Why should your company use it?

How do you measure it?

What are the benefits?

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It's just what is says it is a social venue and a media source in that it usually provides one with valuable information. Just like TV and radio!

I wouldnt try to sell it to my she doesnt like me! lOL!!!

But I do use it to build my number of contacts. When I was training in sales I was told that every contact counts. And out of let's see 20 should statistically make 2 sales....that's 20% success! Thus back to my previous statement....the more contacts you make...the better success you should have!

And stay positive!
Social Media are places like twitter, facebook, ning, where people go to socialise online. A virtual meeting space.

Your company should use it to show their personal side. People are sick of nameless faceless companies who often treat customers like numbers. This is a way to build a positive relationship with customers, the community, and potential customers. It's a way for people to talk to your company without having to fill in a form - it can be a casual discussion rather than an official complaint/inquiry/suggestion.

You can measure it by using google analytics to see long term growth in web visits and where those people have linked from, how your product/service improves as you gain a better idea of what your customer wants thanks to their candid input, etc.

Everyone knows that word of mouth is the strongest form of promotion - 80% of people will look into something recommended by someone they know. And on social networking sites, people on average have 50 contacts each (a number growing each year). Of those contacts, 4 people are likely to forward something on to their own network (another 200 people), and so on. Social media is work of mouth multiplied in a way that person to person can't, and it has better response rates than advertising.

A good book to read is "The New Rules of PR and Marketing" by David Meerman. Get your boss to read it!
I recently read the following:
Your ROI is that you will still be around in 5 years! I like that one


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