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There are 5 ways to make your videos go viral:

  1. Create an emotional slideshow video---Appeal to the emotions of your viewers, make it personal. I recently created a video on YouTube called "Joy Comes In The Morning."  This video highlights the ups and downs of running your own business.  It is a simple video with pictures and text and soft music.
  2. Keep your videos between 3-4 minutes.  Anything longer than that loses the attention of the viewer.  Remember, people want to do things quickly online, and watching a 10 minute video is no one's idea of fun.
  3. In your video, list three big problems or obstacles.  In my "Joy" video, I listed lack of money, quitting and gave the impression of an unhappy home life.
  4. Include some positive affirmations.  I set the video up to have a story line.  One that created curiosity as to how to attain wealth, the hard work it takes, and the bumpy road to success.  In the end, if you are consistent and persistent, you can have a life of freedom.
  5. The photos I used are all pleasant, on the beach, sunsets, and on the boat.  Vacation type scenes or things you would do on the weekend with your family if you could.
These are a few things I'm trying out to make my videos go viral.  Since I'm a photographer as well, I often shoot scenes of nature and places I've traveled that go well with this particular theme.

Tell me, how have you made a video go viral on YouTube?  What steps did you take and how long did it take to get lots of views?

Here is my video:  

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Hi there, hope to connect here and on

Wish you the best of days!
-Tord c",)
I also do lots of videos in my marketing plan, and create videos for my clients also with great sucess.
Do you have good examples of real sucessful videomarketing?

Tord Sand
Yes I do, take a look at this video: It's called "The Time Movie"
great tip Teresa, i hope we can collaborate in some directions...don´t you?
Yes, that would be awesome!
what sofware or technology did you use pleae
To make my video I used Picassa by Google and Camtasia Studios.
Here's a video I made. It carries a certain amount of emotion and is one of those "if only" situations. I didn't make it to go viral and as far as I'm concerned it hasn't done so. However, it was such a great day, weather-wise and I was just in the mood to offload one of the frustrations that has remained with me for many years. I really enjoyed making this and some of the responses have been so understanding. See what I mean by watching this video.

Great Advice, I am sure I can incorporate some emotion and exitment in my Real Estate Videos..Thank you.
You're welcome Jane!
Here is a video I produced for Non-Profit group. What can I do to get it to go viral?

Hey Dennis, of course you will want to share it with all your friends on YouTube, invite and subscribe to like minded YouTube members and members of this thread as you see fit. Then click on the social networking share button on YouTube and send it to all your friends there as well. Then sit back and wait.


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