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Hey Friends,

In this genre of online marketing, having greater PRs is crucial and advantageous in the cyberspace but often it is seen higher PR websites not interested in sharing their 'HARD-Earned' PRs with other websites/blogs!

So do you know what is the technique one should use to convince them in sharing those precious links with you?

Hoping to hear from you soon!


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Thank you very much for the detailed feedback. Looks like I've got some work to do. I thought more was better in terms of keywords, but now I understand what you mean by "natural use." If you saw the leading premium chocolate sites online, you would be surprised, I think, at how they use their categories - way more then we have and getting all of the brands on the home page. They have tremendous success in high ranking in google. Also, I have a technical issue that if I tuck the brands into a lower-level menu, the brand icons drop from the front page - OK this is an issue I need to take up with my host.

Finally, I will look at the pricing on the clubs. The math works this way due to shipping - therefore the 6-bar per month plan is more attractive since the shipping cost is spread over more bars. I may also need to clarify that certain (less expensive) bars will not be included.

Thanks again,

Walter Plante

Hi Reg,


Thank you so much for your contribution!!! I must said that it worked with me your great content strategy...I couldn't resist to visit your website...Great job!!!!



What is the the technique we should use???
hii swayam,,i understand what you must be facing with this,the good way to start is start networking with like minded people on forums and communities.
here is what i do exactly with my niche..
first you have to fund some good authority blog in your niche ,,,may be 5 to start i go n find some really good posts during past 45 days and post a very good and informative comment with my name and without my url.i repeat this process for 2-3 more posts in couple of days.
hopefully i ll get noticed by the webmaster by this time,,and after a week contact the webmaster with the contact us page.i usually start with how good is his blog and specify some good content.i try to make a discussion type tone and attempt to convince him that i know more about the subject.during last paragraph i offer him to write a very good post about the subject and tell him how can this post help his visitors.and sit back n wait for reply.
the response rate is usually more than 60% for first email.and i usually convert above the must be aware that he is not trying to compete with you for the same keyword.
hope this helped.

See above comments. Looks good.It help me very much to solve some problems.Thank you for sharing.I’m going to keep coming back here.


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