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Hey Friends,

In this genre of online marketing, having greater PRs is crucial and advantageous in the cyberspace but often it is seen higher PR websites not interested in sharing their 'HARD-Earned' PRs with other websites/blogs!

So do you know what is the technique one should use to convince them in sharing those precious links with you?

Hoping to hear from you soon!


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By the way, my Software Review Blog's link is

Anybody who wishes to exchange links with me is most welcome!
Cheerz! :-)
Here is a great guide to LinkBaiting. I suggest you read this and start applying it. This will be the quickest free way to achieve your goal:
The shortest route is to pay the higher ranked site a monthly sum to link to you. You have a page rank of 1 now, so you spend months exchanging links to build up to a PR3 and still not rank in the SERPs. I would find a few PR6s to work a deal with. The total cost should be about $200 for each link monthly. PR goes up by having one way links to you. If you exchange links with another PR1, then it does not do you any good. Get three PR6's one way, and you should be a strong 6 or weak 7. Also choose a single keyword string that is used on each link out that you buy.

Natalie makes a good suggestion. But if you run a small business that is growing, cash flow is always a problem. Hence, you may not be able to take her up on her suggestion and pay somebody to link to your site.

Another and somewhat cheaper option is to leave comments in relevant blogs. For instance, if you leave a relevant comment to a blog post that deals with a software / review issue you get the links. Moreover, it attracts traffic from people that are interested in what you do. In turn, their bounce rate is certainly lower than other traffic .... as our research has shown.

Just leave the link to the relevant blog post on your site (maybe a review of a competitor's product) as part of your info - name, e-mail, webpage. If you put it into the comment itself it may be coded as no-follow - so it brings traffic but some search engines will not count it in your favor.

If you follow the above you get links, more traffic of targeted readers and so forth.

Hope this is helpful


I agree, for the size of my business today, $200 per month would require a lot of consideration.

I'd like understand your comment:

Just leave the link to the relevant blog post on your site ... as part of your info - name, e-mail, webpage.

Do you mean leave it in a separeate form / entry box that is seperate from the comment box? If it's included at the bottom of the comment, I assume the link will be encoded as no-follow as you stated.

Sorry, I'm confused.


Walter Plante
Chief Tasting Officer
The New Way to Get Chocolate
Thanks @Natalie, @Urs for those valuable information! Well.. yes, I am not into purchasing links. I prefer to work on my skills to get the higher PR valued websites!

If you have any suggestions, please enlighten me on that!

Thanking You,

Why not read what I wrote :-) In there I explain that commenting on other people's blogs helps. Second, if your website has quality content, people will want to link.

So get cracking and don't talk about acquiring more skills.... invest time, produce quality and quality sites will follow .... that simple.

Have a great evening.

Great point on content. If you invest your time on writing quality blogs and posting them on social bookmarking sites, then the links will take care of themselves.
Just make your website/blog worth linking to!

I really find the notion of 'cheating the system' distasteful. That's what spam artists do, and they're what clutters up the net with junk for everyone else to wade through.

Most bloggers are very generous linking to other people they respect. They will reference other posts, or put in the links section - but only if they value the content and it is relevant. If they link to crap, they know they are doing a disservice to their readers, and their job is to please their readers.

Having said that, I do agree with Urs, making comments on other people's blogs - providing it is relevant and you are adding value - is another way to create links back to your site. BUT don't create spam comments, just cause you want the link. Create value in your comments, and that will give you the opportunity for those other readers - if they like what you say - to follow you back to your site.
What is all the worry about Page Rank?
Google has downplayed it to the point of removing it from their webmaster's tools.

Experience shows it is not necessary to get top search listings.

Paying for links is trying to cheat the system. Google want to see links appear in an organic, (natural) way.
Relevance between the linking page and the linked is more important than PR.

Build added value in your site with quality information and your links will grow without you spending enormous amounts of time searching out high PR sites.

Best of luck.
Respectfully guys, I don't buy the idea that having good content is enough. I think it is a minimum and will keep people come back once they find you, but I think getting found among an every-growing sea of information is very hard. Of course if your content is good and your topic is unique, great, but if there are 10, 20, 200, 2000 people doing something similar to you, Google needs to decide who get's more visibility and I have to believe that visability drives more traffic.

Put another way, who cares about great content if the world can't find you...quickly. For those of us with relatively new sites or blogs, we're looking for ways to drive volume up more quickly.

Walter Plante
Chief Tasting Officer
NewLeaf Chocolates
Everything that Google does is based on content.
They rank sites based on how their content relates to their domain name, their title and meta information, and on page copy/visual text displays.

If you have great content displayed in a well organized manner, people will find you as you will get top search engine results.

This is where SEO comes into play. Building your relevance in a well defined manner is the method to get found in the "ever-growing sea of information".
Google favors sites that are clear in displaying their relevance to both human and artificial intelligences.
It also favors the natural use of your keywords on your pages. 32 repetitions of the word chocolate is too much. I see chocolate 9 times before I finish the first paragraph.

Look at your (yummy) chocolate website.
If I may make a few observations that will help you get found.
Head to Google's Keyword research page ( and on searching for chocolate we find :

Keywords Global Monthly Search Volume
chocolate 37200000
chocolates 2240000
white chocolate 823000
chocolate bar 550000
dark chocolate 550000
milk chocolate 550000
chocolate candy 450000
chocolate bars 368000
chocolate gift 246000
organic chocolate 90500

Based on the above you would need to include the following words as

text displayed in the header. Organic Chocolates

I would then change the "Shop by category" left column heading to

"Chocolate Bars and Gifts" The navigation in the category would be for white
candy (truffles)
Monthly gifts
organic chocolate
(Done in the same order as search volume)
This cuts your 20 item navigation down to a more manageable 7. You can sub-divide these if you need to. Too many choices are not good as it dilutes the relevance.

Notice the 6 levels of relevance.
Keywords in your domain name, header, left column heading, and navigation links. Then in body text and body links and all in the order of importance.
Cut the body text down to a bulleted list of benefits and link to more in depth information like testimonials. Too much content dilutes the importance of your primary keywords.
The first page of a site is called "index" for a reason.

In looking over your promotions I have a problem.
Your monthly plans show $81 for 3 bars per month for 3 months.
That is 9 bars - an average of $9 per bar.
If I look through your site I see average prices at a much lower price.
What would stop you in sending 9 bars with a selling price around $3 each?
I am not saying you would, but it is not comforting as I can buy a 10 pack for under $30 .

Best of luck.


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