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Your site will also be listed on every page of the network in the right hand column and in the new recommended directory.

Here are the instructions to be included in the directory:

1) Place the below link on your website’s homepage with the anchor text below:

link =
anchor text = Social Media Marketing

The link should look like this: Social Media Marketing

2) Send an email to with the subject line "VN -
(Name of Your Site)" and the following information in the email:

-the url where the link is posted
-the title that you want for your website listing
-the description of your website listing

*The website that will be listed in the directory and sitewide on ViralNetworkers is the url where you place the link.  We are only listing websites that place this link on the home page.  The link can be placed in the footer or in the blogroll, but it must be on the home page.  The top ranked sites with the highest page authority are listed on every page.

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Nice! Doing it Now!
That is Great



"Internet & Social Media Marketing Tools"


Internet & Social Media  Marketing Tools every business person should have in their marketing department.



Title = Gonzalo Chagas.Com - Internet Marketing Tips.


Description= This Blog is about Internet marketing, internet marketing tips, affiliate marketing, and product reviews. Our goal is to help internet marketers succeed online.
Going to visit your site now


This is my website where the blog is connected to it.

what happen there is no link
My Website  is the link, doesn't the code get you there?

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Thanks for this nice offer and providing. I've sent my site details via email to after published the "Website Marketing" on my blog site "Shopping Info".
sorry could someone explain this in words of one sybille...

Place the below link... where does it be placed??? do you mean
anywhere on my-VN of on the URL i designate??



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