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What works for you?  and how often do you update it?

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Probably yours is more tangible a product than mine!
Although I'm on multiple sites, for most I only post a profile but am not active on them (although I do respond to emails, connection requests and answer a question if I find it intriguing). Where I focus my attention is the big three Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. My posts are relevant to what's going on in my business and I use all three daily. For those who don't have the time to be as active, I think the absolute minimum for these sites: LinkedIn twice a week, Facebook and Twitter twice a day. But I don't just write updates, I participate in group discussions, RSVP to events, retweet, etc. If all you do is write an update then you're not connecting with others which is the purpose of social media. So the real question should be, how are you connecting to people on social media?

And often people do not answer if you include a question in your answer... That can indeed make you feel cold about that person.

Well Jennifer, that could be the second part of this question..."how are you connecting to people on social media?"....YOu should start that discussion.
Thanks Jennifer!
I think you have just snatched the words from my mouth. I too do that. But do tell me if there's a good tip.
....but i need somebody to "fire-me up" on Myspace network....Thanx
Actually, I believe you should update your social media status at least once a day. People need to know that you are 'active.' That's the only way to build those all important relationships.

Ilka Flood
The EnlightendNetworker
whenever you have a new idea or some other things, just write it down and share with your friends, lol.

Bryant Wu from Xiamen, China.
That's the basic technique I believe!

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