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What works for you?  and how often do you update it?

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I have two groups that I am struggling with and need some Ideas of how to Update them
CaliforniaShout and OregonShout..What to do to make it flow and get new readers to it...and new folks to join in and shout about something:

E-mail me if you have some Ideas or suggestions<>
Hey James & Terry: my recommendation is to network, network and network. I recently read this article..."Study Shows Time Pays With Social Media Marketing"

How long have you had the sites? What form of promotion do you use?
A bunch of comments.
1. So many things go into what gets people interested in the first place. Relevance, Visual cues, design, a sense that someone else on the site actually cares. What problem are you solving for them that Facebook or Myspace or Twitter etc. do not already solve?
2. You're trying to lure people in. I definitely suggest turning off the auto-play music (for which you probably do not have rights), the Google ads, and flashing graphics. Provide a safe, community space where people can do the their own shouting.
3. Why is there a California shout and an Oregon shout? Are you trying to get people to join statewide communities or hook up with local people in their cities and neighborhoods? Think about if you are breaking things down geographically the right way.
Those are all very good points Phil. I didn't get a chance to analyze the sites in that manner. Thanks for doing such a thorough job.
The best flow comes from people focused on your subject matter. We have had amazing luck with Google Alerts. Enter your key words and you will get tons of leads on news for new content and best of all blog post that you can add great comments to....this will bring you that traffic you are looking for.

Ray @ New World Solar
That is the Question of HOUR, Week!!!! I've tried to update my status based on my current business needs/focus. But I can tell you...this is starting to be like another job..(part-time @ least) to my overall recruitment responsibilities. This is so not happiness I am feeling.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Hey J.C.--if you are using Twitter I recommend 4-5 updates per day. And use Hootsuite or Tweetdeck, which will allow you to preschedule and plan your updates so you don't have to devote so much time per day.

If you are using LinkedIn--only update when you have something of value to contribute. Otherwise it will look like you are an update junkie and possible a spammer.

If you are using Facebook--remember of the three social networks I have listed here, Facebook is the most personable. People have a tendency to be more transparent here. I would encourage engaging discussions and conversations in your area of expertise. Oh and twice a day is good for FB.

But, whatever you do find one social network and become an expert at it.
That's a good question. So should I answer here or on the other 30+ networks it was suggested in the past to join to get the "Word Out"?
It's your choice Robert.
Perhaps this discussion should have been titled "How often should you update your social media status and what Tools to use if you've more than one?" .

Letting everything play out sooner or later some one will come up with good advice/tools. Such a Alexis use of to cover all his websites/networks.

Now I've seen mention of before but didn't put 2 and 2 together till reading Alexis's post and actually going out there to see what it's all about. And as mentioned belonging to 30 plus networks without that tool is a daunting task thinking of updating every single one or a batch of one at a time, that's what I dread and most others I'm sure.

So with that in mind how often should you post to your networks/websites, depends on your business and if there's relevant information to pass on , at least a post or two per week perhaps, and use to update them all or a batch of.

Know that would be a tip I'd be hoping for , a suggestion and an actual tool to do so.

So back to and load up all those 30+ networks/websites.....guess I'll be busy for a bit, but for all the better for Wine-Fi & Ewineaccessories .
Well perhaps I should have done a little more in depth research into . It lists many social networks , good.

But you're only allowed 1 account per. Adding the Ning network it appears I'm limited to only 1 network here on that doesn't help at all with 30+ !!!!!!!!

Or am I missing something?
I rarely update my status. I do post on my messages using so it goes everywhere at once. is connected to my websites, so I can post on any website and get the post on all social networks...

Alexis Wilke


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