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As soon as I sit down at my computer each morning I go through each social network that I am involved with.  I check my messages and new connections.  It usually takes anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour depending on if there is a new business lead or not.  Then I do the same process at the end of the business day.

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I third-space 3 days/week at the library. Most of my time is social networks which I join compulsively. SOMEBODY buy me a VAIO!
I spend some time every 2nd or 3rd day. Most important to me is to have all of my information complete and accurate. Then to scan Facebook fo rinappropriate content to remove. Then to see what LinkedIn connections are recommended. Finally to answer some questions like. About once a month I spend time learning more by experimenting.
About an hour or so.
At least a couple of hours per day!

Depending on what's new in my down payment assistance program!
Hell Tom -

I actually spend a little more time than that. I spend about 2 Hours a day on average. I find it to be a useful tool for prospecting potential new clients or business partners. While I don't advocate doing any direct selling on the networks, its a great place to get to know how others think about key topics of interest.


Hector V. Herrera
Social Media Moguls
My time frame has lowered due to class schedule with the PhD so it's on average 30 minutes at a time but I make a point to do it at least two or three times a day. It gets kind of annoying because I need to stretch out the time in this fashion however because I am taking a heavy class load with the PhD classes, there isn't much else I can do about it and I'm not willing to change my classes to put in more time on a social network. I discovered yesterday I could get into a distant learning teaching program so I'm pretty excited about that which gives me more reason to keep things the way they are and keep focus on the main goal, obtaining my PhD. =)
20 minutes early morning before work, on my lunch break and then at least 4 hours after work.

I belong to over 20 sites
About 30 - 60 minutes. For me it's usually early morning or late evening (8-10PM). As I mentioned in another discussion, I feel that for Twitter, my tweets tend to get lost in the noise. I wonder if early morning tweets are more effective since people would essential wake up to them.

I definitly have a time management problem, so when it comes to twitter, I need to think about the optimal time to tweet to get the most bang for my time.

Walter Plante
Chief Tasting Officer
The trouble with social networks is that new ones keep springing up and to keep focused it is absolutely necessary to create good profiles.
To keep up with them all is impossible unless outsourced
Because I started a LinkedIn Group for Sage Software I spend an enormous of time there. I sometimes forget that I also have Twitter & FB
Hi, With all this time you are spending on Linkedln what are your results as far as Business..income?


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