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As soon as I sit down at my computer each morning I go through each social network that I am involved with.  I check my messages and new connections.  It usually takes anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour depending on if there is a new business lead or not.  Then I do the same process at the end of the business day.

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Once organized that's about right. For me it's about organizing what's really important then working at that first then getting to the other stuff later or when time permits.
I usually spend about 90 minutes per day. 30 minutes in the morning before work and then for about an hour when I return home.
I spend about 1 hour a day updating various stuff although I do have all my Social Media pretty much linked together. Publish once and it hits all the SM Sites.
I actually use them for search purposes when i need to identify a specific criteria.....otehrwise no need fo me. mike
I look forward to seeing what others say... I spend at least 2 hours a day, I have profiles on so many social media sites for my business, it is actually hard to keep up! In addition to your question, I might also ask - how many social media profiles do you have for yourself and/or your business?

I spend about 15 minutes a day on social media emails. I find that the emails initially arrive in slugs and then trickle in from responses the rest of the day.
I am usually on my computer early in the morning; just checking my leads if any and trying to find more leads for my business. I am new to social media networking so i am really learning from this experience everyday.
Depending upon time frame and what needs to get done. If I am swamped with doctorate work, it waits first break. If I have home work but not that bad, I look through of the social groups first then do work then go back through groups, then go back to school work, and so on throughout the night.
30 minutes + pay someone else to do some and for now, it is not profitable, but we are hopeful it may be down the road; we try to streamline in every way possible as I feel it is less productive than other activities.
It varies for me but it usually is at least 15 mins a day. If you are not going to spend time connecting with your friends and followers providing interesting content for them there is no point taking part in social media. I often access twitter and facebook via my mobile so I can do this on the go or whilst watching TV. Social media sites do take up a lot of my time so it might be more than this I think I would be surprised if I measured the amount of time on social media sites.
To be honest probably too much time. The problem lies where someone posts the same info on several sides and in several clubs There needs to be a programme which would sort this all out.

I'm taking a serious look at some social networks if its not productive then I will dump it or some of the areas within the social network


I generally only go on the sites if I get sent an alert. Once or twice a week I will post soemthing. I hear about people spending hours upon hours on their social media sites and I don't want to do that. I want it to enhance my life/business not consume it.


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