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I think this is a great topic to discuss and share our strategies on how to get more followers. Please take a moment to list how many followers you currently have and what you did to get them.

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Hi Johnnie,

Until a few months ago I never thought I'd need business cards, let alone social networking. I don't have a business to promote and I don't need customers, per se. More a communication venue.

I joined Twitter because someone else that I know did. I think I have three followers and two of them must have harvested me from a list. So far I've never tweeted and what you are saying here is what I need to know. Ideas from experienced people would be great.

~Has Twitter been around so long it's evolved into something else / something better?

~The only reason I would need it is to send out announcements or updates about holistic health to the people who are interested.

~I'm not interested in surfing lists to find followers, but if I put a statement for people on my website, they could sign up if they're interested in said updates.

~How does everyone manage their contacts? Somehow the potential of social networking is beginning to feel like it needs an rss feed to manage it...!


I have 22 followers on MMM Creations.
I have a little over 100 followers and try to follow people with interests such as mine. I'm an author from Missouri and I often twitt about my upcoming events, reviews and so on.
Hi Barbara,

I think what you're saying might work for me. I need to get out announcements and updates about holistic health. Should I put an invitation to follow me so people could get them on my website?


I have around 30 in many month because I have less time to do it. I thought who might be interested in my areas of expertise and followed them. That's it.

I have 2838 and most of them were as a result of me associating with someone else in my niche. In the beginning I believe that I gained followers because I was new and other internet marketers were reaching out to me. I have 2 accounts: (2838 followers)

and (1800 followers)
Hello Fred, Staying around that 2000 mark even with various apps. it wasn't until twitAutomator I gained 5000 in say a month. Only costing 4.95 a month, was better than sliced bread, but taken down for "Automated Tweets", although many newer apps. doing the same thing. I'm now in the market again, looking for that perfect twitter app.
at PaintingDenver
I'm a graphic/web designer in Glendale, Arizona. I've been in my field 12 years. Approximately 17 months ago I was laid off and started my own business. I made a fan page on Facebook and joined LinkedIn and Twitter to help further my exposure to experts of my industry and to stay on top of the changes and challenges in my field. The people I follow are usually people within my industry: graphic designers, web designers, SEO experts, and a typographer. Some of the people following me are from my following of them, of which I am thankful for their insights and advice; others that follow me are from my networking groups, inspirational messages I've entered, questions I've answered from a couple of industry-specific forums, and some mentors and friends that I'm proud to be associated with. I'm picky about who I follow; especially picky am I about people following me.

I have 161 followers.

Lisa Raymond
Deseyner's Eye Creations
I ve really no idea!! I started in february but use it since some months.. but I am very well linked to everywhere. Since I run any RSS feeds of friends, also linked my fanpages. with twitter-. I collect many new followers... But I dont take it too serious. I help promoting some friends, but thanks to twitter I collect new friends also for facebook and my fanpages...

Being fairly new, our follower base isn't very large but most have found us!
We also had 1 or 2 that followed us from Facebook.

We shall see what the future will have to offer. I look forward to revisiting your question in a few months!

If you would like to see what we are doing you can visit us here.


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