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I think this is a great topic to discuss and share our strategies on how to get more followers. Please take a moment to list how many followers you currently have and what you did to get them.

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Hi Fred,

I have about about 400 on my main @martinskinner account which I've built up slowly over 12 months.

I've experimented with using autofollow and newsfeeds on other accounts and quickly built them up to as much as 8,000 in one case but have found I don't get so much interation/feedback from them.

The personal touch counts for a lot and it's difficult to maintain that from more than one account.

:) Martin
How do you do that sir?
We haven't really worked on twitter much & would like to know how can we expand our base on twitter!

Jewelove on Facebook

Jewelove on twitter

Happy 2010!
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I have about 350 and have been active for just over 1 year. The majority of them are follow-backs from having gone fishing for them by searching for key phrases. It has been a slow going process, since Christmas I have been more diligent and have increased my followers by almost 100. It's my goal to have more interaction with others than acquire a forest of trees.

I've got 35 followers - all of whom seem to have spotted me as the person responsible for exposing the MPs' expenses scandal.

Kind regards,

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I have few contacts. It is hard to find right sentences to fish people as it is not my mother tongue language.
The best is to be in personal contact. The communication is not technologies ( facebook, net, email, etc...) but relationship.
I have 16 and I have no idea how I got them. :)
161 followers - had many more (up to 500) but deleted many that seemed 'iffy' or with whom I believed I had nil synergy and were simply trophy hunters and list collecters


I have about 85 built over the past two months.
I grew them by following people with like interest we have good interaction.


lamontjohn on facebook
Around 2000. My main concern is not getting more followers but listening to the ones I have. That's how I get followers though: By listening and asking how I can help.
I'm a photographer and Web / SEO consultant in Brighton on the South Coast of England. I started using twitter as a family thing and have been picking up followers since I started tweeting about stuff in general. I notice that if I tweet about certain subjects I get more followers immediately. Things like SEO or Business Coaching.

I currently have 180 followers
As of Tuesday, January 19, 2010 at 12:00 noon

I have 2,693 Followers.

I introduce and promote all my new followers to my current followers.

My followers endorse me to their followers.

Follow me and I will introduce you to and promote you to my followers!


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