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Can you subscribe to too many social network sites?  It seems as though it can be overwhelming and perhaps, not very efficient.  If I need to reduce the number of network sites that I've joined, which ones are better?

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Peggy I am on too many and sometimes it does seem overwhelming and I always tell myself,you do not have to visit if you do not have time:)
I use facebbok,linkedin and twitter regularly also plaxo and googlebuzz and internations and ecademy.
Also on Viadeo and Xing and many ning and linkedin groups also have a blog and read 'n' number of newsletters.
So far I have not found anything of substance from Viadeo and Ecademy still going along to see what happens.
Oh also Ryze was my first network in 2004 and then orkut and few more I do not even remember.
I am very happy with the results of the networking,I have made great friends and got work out of networking.
Though I have put in lots of hours for years together to build my network.
I read all the replies before me and found them very useful and hpe to come back to this discussion when I need to promote a new business,I do hope there is a way to save and bookmark a discussion on this site.
Hi! mamta,
The strategy should be to shortlist only the one's each individual finds to be to his/her,interests,tastes and business and/or other 'needs'...I've now limited myself to 'Facebook', Linkedin,Ecademy,and Names Database...Which are ur sites?...Sushil.
i am only with one at present and finding my way so at the moment it is working . However i do think for me anyway it is good to go slowly and not get into overload. It is about being able to reply to others and if i had many social net works i would find it hard to keep in touch with eaverone .i will keep you informed when things change.
I mainly use FaceBook, Plaxo Pulse and LinkedIn. I'm just starting to get into others and trying to figure out how to link them all... attach them and update through my iPhone, etc.

I have a friend that is launching a new platform and have even joined that 'cause he is targeting the very issue that I described above. I am not exactly sure what it will look like because it's not launched yet. But it's a free beta test so I thought... "Why Not?"

I've worked with David (The CEO) Foster for years and believe he may just be onto something.
You can follow along, here:

P.S. It's not a MLM (Not that there's anything wrong with that!)
because im an artist and a producer i have well over 100 profiles online. all over. but of all of them the few that offer the most as far as ease of use and practicality i recamend REVERBNATION , and NING. now MYSPACE, FACEBOOK , and YEARBOOK are very very good but they got a ton of kids there. its ok tho'. errybody luv da BIGG DAWGGG.
There are a ton of social networking sites that you can subscribe to....but some of the sites have dropped in popularity ratings, monthy visits, etc. I think it would be well worth your time to educate yourself on the top SN sites and check their ratings. This can give you a good idea of what sites are currently trending. Dont spread yourself too thin though!!! FB, Twitter and LinkedIn are always safe bets. If you have photos, Flickr. Videos, YouTube, and a blog site can never hurt (this allows you to be more in depth about viewpoints, industry news, business topics, etc....can also share your blog on other networks). Also, you can interlink these sites together to increase your efficiency. Hope this helps!!!
I'm connected with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Ecadamy, Viral Networkers, Sta' rup Biz, MySpace.
I am using Xing, Viadeo, Ecademy, Viral Network and read the forums or blog every week. I am teaching adults at college level all week so no business for now, like to have friendship only.

Can be reach anytime at at work.

Lionel Basque
Just the main ones, Facebook, Twitter and Myspace. And music sites
You know, all of these comments are showing one important thing: if you are not in at least a few (i.e. if you consider that being in just one or two systems) you are more than likely to miss a lot of people... Just a thought. It is a bit like going to network with people in only one Chamber of Commerce. You then will miss many opportunities...

Alexis Wilke

I subscribe to the usual suspects - facebook, twitter, linkedIn, but if someone mentions something Ihaven't heard about I usually subscribe but only limit myself timewise to perhaps an hour a week for all the others. Such as Xing,, to name 2.

I try not to spend all my time posting, and have found the best thing to do is write up a web page, then submit it as a blog or article to those places I can.
Hi Sushil,
I'm amazed at the number of responses to this blog. It is taking me a while to read through all of them, but in doing so, I have read yours and I want to thank you for your reply. By the way, I'm also on Ecademy; see ya there!


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