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Can you subscribe to too many social network sites?  It seems as though it can be overwhelming and perhaps, not very efficient.  If I need to reduce the number of network sites that I've joined, which ones are better?

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You're so right! Every day seems to bring the birth of more social network site. The top 3 remain LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. As we all know, the best way to make these sites productive is to keep posting and keep "working them". Try or for "one stop" posting and scheduled posts.
Can't thank you enough for that information. I'll definitely investigate those. I feel a bit relieved that this issue is not one that only I am dealing with.
It depends on what you are using networks for. If you have a plan for example to identify strategic partners, use the networks to identify and partner up. Keep panning for the gold and you will find it. Ration your time on
line so that you make best use of it. Each network has its idiosyncrasies - use the ones that suit your needs and be ruthless with yourself otherwise you will become a busy fool.
I have myself "hooked up" with about 60 or more networks, however the only ones I actually visit are Twitter and Facebook. I don't spend much time there. Places like FriendFeed and PingFM are great ways to have any one action blast to many many networks.
This is one of the best answers I have came across. You can spend countless hours (as I did when I first started using the sites) but it will get really stoopid (like that spelling) and suck you in. When you are just aimlessly just wandering around the sites then you will get no huge benefit from them.

Be concise, find your target, work your plan and you will magically add many friends and hopefully business partners for your opportunity. Have a plan as Michelle said, keep working on yourself and NEVER give up because it is just easy to say I quit and let someone steal another entrepreneurs dreams.
Don, I needed to hear that, thanks much!
Hello Peggy,

I say its never too much when it comes to subscribing to social networks. If for no other reason than to protect your name and brand. I always recommend client's focus on the networks that are highest rated with their particular audience to actively manage and reserve their name across as many networks as possible. I also recommend looking into software programs that automate this process.

Hector V. Herrera
Social Media Moguls
I think it depends on your intended target audience. I belong to 34 ning sites, not to mention Facebook and Twitter. The maority I do not visit unless prompted or if I have pertinent information to share that may be beneficial to that group. One of the Ning decisions that irked me the most was discontinuing the friends feature which allowed you to get information to all friends across the Ning networks.
So, are you saying that Ning is geared strictly toward business and not at all toward social, i.e., friends?
I'm hooked up to MySpace because I find lots of artists there whome may be of interest for 11musikk, the festival I'm manager for. On Facebook I have close and not so close "friends", but I'm not very active. On LinkedIn I find my professional network and I engaged in several discussions. I registered very early at Twitter but I found Twitter being just a time bandit as I'm not very interested in knowing that a person is having breakfast, is doing his shave or is rushing to her job. I am also registered at three of four networks, but I don't remember the names of these. That make me a subscriber to 7- 8 networks.
I subsribe to 4 or 5 social networks. I think if you want to get the best results, you have to check into each network weekly, or the people probably will not write to you. No one like to write to people and not get responses. So unless you are unemployed or have alot of free time, more than 5 is very time consuming. As far as which ones you pick, you have to moniter which ones you get results from.
You make a number of very good points and I appreciate you're taking the time to reply to my blog!
Monitoring is probably key, from what I'm getting here.


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