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With so many social networks available, it's a wonder that business people have time to conduct business!  I recently spoke to a group of business owners in Detroit about incorporating social media into their marketing mix, and although they recognized its importance, each of them were overwhelmingly saddened by how time they were afraid it would require to be fully effective using social media.

Is this an issue with your business?  Have you become over saturated with friend requests and followers that you have lost focus of your core business?

Let me know and share your thoughts below, we'd love to have a dialogue with you!  Oh, by the way, I included a free report called "Facebook For Business" something I got from HubSpot...just thought I would share it with you!!!

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It can be overwhelming at times. I'm pretty small right now. So, it's not too bad. I just schedule time for my social networks. I try to follow up a few times in a week. I answer emails, connect with friends, confirm friend requests, follow new bloggers, and work on my blog..etc. I can understand the concerns of a much bigger firm. I think that they'd definitely have to have bloggers manning their social networks daily.

How much time a day does all your social networking take Kimberly?  Oh, and what is the name of your blog?  Leave the link so I can check it out!

4 that I use regularly counting the one I operate at One thing that helps is the use of a "social media dashboard."  I use Hootsuite (there are others.) That program allows me to monitor and post to Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin simultaneously. Of course I just joined ViralNetworkers today so I guess I should say 5.


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