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I'm an "UNYK" User since years (UNYK, the first smart address book that updates itself!). But till to date I've only 28 contacts at UNYK.


It's not coming under General Social Networking, because at Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn I've more than 500 contacts.


So that now I'm thinking, "How important is the online / global address book?"


Thank you.


Sunil Kumar A. S.

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Hi Sunil
I think it is very important.
I've very few on UNYK either.
Quite strange.
I must say, I treat Linkedin as my address book, with over 2500 on there it is kept up to date by the users automatically.
However, if people can't find me through search ... they need a new search engine .... LOL.
I suppose, some just see UNYK as a needless extra.
Best wishes, Simon
I uses Google Contacts as my address book and export from plaxo, linkedin etc on a regular basis and import to merge it. I am looking at developing a tool that would automate this importing but a lot of the user agreements do not allow this.
I have a good experience using UNYK in where I have approx. 1 500 addresses. As my computer system collapsed for some time ago, I lost Outlook and all my addresses. It was more than easy to reload them from UNYK.
On Plaxo I have about 7 000 contacts, but I'm tired on it, as Plaxo does not allow more than 1 000 contacts maximum. I think I have 1 300 and about 200 contact requests I can't accept. That's why I visit Plaxo only occasionally.
This is very important. Plaxo has a 10,000 contact limit and the tools are not proving stable for me. I am a power Act user with over 17,000 contacts. Online Act has worked well for me in the past. It is very important to have groups within the contacts. A paid service by the scanner company, CardScan, works very well and I have many contacts who use this service that proactively asks for an update every 90 days.

I think it does not mater how many contacts you have it is really what you do with them.

I owuld think it is important because it can connect you with other people and have a chance to do more networking.
The more the better.
wow cool
I think your e-mail address book is important because these are the people who you want to see your latest ideas, blog, advertisement, products, etc. They might not purchase however, they are connected to people that your not connected with that might need what your offering/services/products.


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