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I would like to hear how other members are incorporating social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Ecademy, etc.) into their businesses or professions.

For my company, we have created a professionally designed Facebook Fan page that is essentially a small version of our website. We have just about 4,000 fans that we send 2-3 status updates with links to social media articles and videos. It's main function is to drive traffic to our main website and generate leads.

LinkedIn has been used to create connections with people that may be in need of our services, but it has also led to several strategic partnerships with other companies who send us business in exchange for sending business back to them.

Please take a moment to reply to this discussion below and share.


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What a great topic Natalie.

I mainly use it as a funnel to my main website the same as alot of people.
Social media is huge. If you have a computer you are a member of a social site. There cannot be many out there who arn't.

I mainly use facebook, twitter and myspace. Linkedin is relatively new to me but getting some great response.

As long as people don't shove their business down your throat then this is a great media to use.

Thankyou again Natalie.

Natalie as a part of business I go where the people are I use two key components social media for interacting and talking to people then video email marketing to close my deals. Social Interaction, and video email it works for me. 99% of the time do not take about my business just the industry and what valuable technology their is for business. Most are private messages never on their social walls. Let's take today on facebook I invite 400 and some friends who are for the most part in business to watch a live video broadcast on how to incorporate video email marketing into their business. Which is my business. I also did twitter which I have 700 or so followers. So now from the comfort of their homes they get to see technology and valuable content. For those who attend I send them personal video emails thanking them, and for those who buy I work my behind off to keep them.
watch out this thread
In our company we use mainly Plaxo and LinkedIn, whereas some of us (like me) also use other social media like Ecademy. Social media like Facebook, Hyves are not used by us due to the fact that we don't perceive it as the proper channel to do business...
We are considering to start with Twitter for our specific target groups of our company EyeOn.
Furthermore we write blogs to elaborate on specific business related topics and give our expert view on this or to stimulate good discussions on the specific topics.

What we notice is that it is very hard to have people consume and respond on the information we facilitate or to keep people attracted to the information we provide!
Initiatives like VN and the content at VN helps us rethinking our approach towards the use of social media for business purposes!
Keep up the good work!

Henk Eisema
Business Consultant

Hi Natalie

I have a blog that is has been internationally rated - check it out on - I am rated 8.9 out of a possible 10 and this ranks me 5th in the world in my category. I post my articles to this blog as well as the to blog on my website at - I use the URL from my website and then post on twitter saying for example - Todays blog - The Power of Networking - Part XXX and the URL address. I do the same thing on Facebook - the result is that it drives people to my website and then, once there, the website is content rich for the small business owner and/or entrepreneur. I have gotten quite a bit of business this way, particularly attendance to my workshop entitled "A Basic Practical Guide To Starting a Business".

For the moment I don't have the time to use LinkedIn and Facebook and use once or twice in a week Twitter but mainly reading what is mentioned in here, , in Ecademy, Viadeo and Xing.

I am teaching at Community College during the week so I am very busy. I always like to respond to anything you send to me Natalie.

Best regards. Have a wonderful day to all of you.

Lionel Basque
I use them to announce sales and giveaways which drives traffic to my website.
One of our companies just released and we are using twitter and facebook currently to post updates when our sellers are posting new products on the site. We are also implementing to update several sites at the time, over and beyond twitter and facebook.

Just by being there! One of the first rules of marketing...make every contact count! The more the better your success rate!


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