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I would like to hear how other members are incorporating social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Ecademy, etc.) into their businesses or professions.

For my company, we have created a professionally designed Facebook Fan page that is essentially a small version of our website. We have just about 4,000 fans that we send 2-3 status updates with links to social media articles and videos. It's main function is to drive traffic to our main website and generate leads.

LinkedIn has been used to create connections with people that may be in need of our services, but it has also led to several strategic partnerships with other companies who send us business in exchange for sending business back to them.

Please take a moment to reply to this discussion below and share.


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We use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin and Plaxo in the main.

Twitter is great for making contact with potential clients for our media and PR business, as well as keeping in touch with journalists.

Facebook is good for events, YouTube for general promotion, especially of my speaking gigs.

LInkedin comes into its own for high-level contacts in large corporates, and for meeting potential clients when I travel internationally. Plaxo I'm not so sure about, but it's a good business address book.

Best wishes

Do you have a YouTube channel? What is the link to the channel or to your most recent Youtube video?
I've been successfully using Facebook Fan Pages and Apps to generate leads for my CPA Networks. I use Twitter to get responses/traffic to my blog posts. Primarily I use Twitter like a conversation starter. I'll write a blog post that I believe my followers are interested in, and generate discussions from the retweets and comments left on my blog.
Hi Natalie,

At Inspired Assets we see social networking both on-line and off-line as the future so we are building the business around it.

We're looking to use social media to help us:
- Learn
- Design better products and services
- Share our knowledge
- Manage our contact network
- Advocate our best contacts
- Expand our network
- Establish an investment community
- Participate in and collaborate with other communities

I can provide more detail if that would be helpful. Clearly we have a long way to go to achieve all these things but we're building momentum on all points.

Happy New Year everyone !

:) Martin
I really liked your YouTube channel layout. Are you handling your Social Media in house? Do have goals in regards to # of fans, followers, subscribers?
Hi Natalie,

I think you are using the technology in the most effective way possible. My approach is to view LinkedIn's community as collective users who are looking for expansion of their networks (ie new contacts and groups of people previously unknown) and FaceBook users as clusters of users interested in expanding content within an existing predetermined network.

So the results you are experiencing are appropriate. New partnerships on LinkedIn and an attempt to drive content and push users to a target website on Facebook.

As for Twitter, I would consider that this is a one-to-many instantaneous collaborative technology. We should think about it as Instant Messaging to an audience greater than 1. I think many users forget that it is essentially the same technology. Since we tend to use IM when we want an immediate communication sent to our distribution, such as an alert, or other time sensitive message, we should consider that twitter is most effective in the same context.

I twitter when I have posted a new article to my blog. As a company, I would twitter when you want your audience to take an immediate action to a time sensitive opportunity. For example, a consumer special that will only last for one day. (This is also a great way to test the effectiveness of your twitter distribution list.)


Marc Dreyfus
Excellent question Natalie and extremely difficult to explain without showing someone the process. Learning about social media is like being parlyzed from the chest down and having to connect your brain up to your extremeties over an 18 month period. Tools which help you to measure the very tiny improvements will help keep you motivated. Benchmarking...keep track of how you are doing and if you are patient, work hard and never, never, ever quit it will grow...I promise.

I am the furthest thing from pragmatic and love to see people risking, experiencing transition and embracing fear. Remember...fear is not telling you you can't do something it is only telling you that you have not done something yet.

If you have a current business and you are interested in generating revenue I suggest that you do not use Social Media until you have your content and strategy prepared and synchronized. If you proceed before a plan is formulated then you will be emptying your weapon before the battle begins. I suggest you play around with the technology personally but do not attempt to share your business initially. I also suggest you stop watching television completely and watch every single video on Ecademy, Your Business Channel and ones which are sent or referred to you. This and gathering content will take you about a year on an almost full time basis.

Alternatively, finding the right people to hire is like a mine field because like landscaping, there are thousands of people who buy a pick up truck and a rake and call themselves landscapers. If you are going to trust others to tell you what you need to do then it is in your best interest to plan for a couple of false starts. This can be costly. It does not always happen but it can happen.

Most people...therefore most businesses have a misconception about the time and commitment it takes to be successful at driving networks. If you are planning on entering this world and want to get results and play with the professionals it is important to understand it is like learning how to skate for the first time. It takes falling down to learn how not to fall down and sometimes it hurts.

All the best and see you on the ice!

Dear Natalie,

Well, since many famous celebrities and businesses' industries are hunger to be exploited :) I'm thinking of my silent book using them as social media marketing. Photographs and social media are always ready to be exposed to the point of popularity anyway. Therefore, using social media to advertise my book is the way to promote people to popularity, isn't it?

I'm just sharing my point of view. I don't mean to teach or anything.

Catherine tran
For my it is very important to have a good strategy in the use of the social networks for my marketing research
That's absolutely right.
I have been trying to develope social networks for our businesses for 2-3years, till now I haven't got any enquires or potential customer's replies. It is a big fault. We can not rely on social networks too much, I think there is something wrong with my marketing strategies.

ever and always use Ecademy ID:wally78
Facebook and twitter are blocked and can not be access in China, mainland.
Xing ID:wally78
Wally, you are partially right that there is something wrong with your marketing strategy, however, that being said, it's a problem that 98% of social networkers encounter--even though 90 of the 98% will not admit it.

For more information on this subject, go to:
Yeah, it is a way to meet old and/or new friends, but few of them believe social network can brings good opportunities. Just come over to social network then never back except getting a alert from the social network to remind of your new invitation, comments who has submitted etc.


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