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Retweeting actually has a methodology to it according to Social Media Scientist Dan Zarrella.  There is a thought process behind it, and if you are on Twitter and not getting many retweets, you may want to visit the video below.

Do you Retweet based upon friendship with a follower, or do you retweet because you like the topic.  Feel free to leave your most important tweet below for members to retweet your information if it is valid to them.

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I use to re-tweet, fully automated Twitter Marketing Software, works great

Retweeting manually or using Twitter apps is far superior to using the Twitter Retweet function because it has many drawbacks. I wrote more on that subject in this post about How to Retweet on Twitter.
I retweet based on the content I am reading.
i retweet after i come across something good
i dont know why i was banned from tweeter.i retweeted under a different name.
thats probably why
When a new person follows me, I go to their profile to follow them and scroll down their recent tweets, if I see something interesting, I RETWEET it! I also have a bunch of lists of people I follow, I check my favorite lists, and RT my favorite tweets!
I like to RT when the topic is interesting whether I am friends of the person or not, good information is hard to find amongst the deluge out there, so when I see something worthy of an RT I do.

Interestingly I saw some people using RT as a way to #FF and I tried to explain to them - but they decided they liked what they were doing and all I could do was shrug and leave them to it. Pays to understand Twitter-lingo if you are going to play with seasoned Tweeters!
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