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I would appreciate your feedback and help regarding using Twitter, such as:


1.  How often should someone "tweet" per day?


2.  Approximately what percentage of "tweets" should be related to your company's products/services/etc?


3.  If you are not "tweeting" about your company, what should other "tweets" be about?  And where do you find the best content for these?


Many thanks for any help!! 


Chris Hill, Founder

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I tweet 5-12 times a day.

Mostly informational to different articles.

Every few days there are 1-2 tweets which are about my services...

Twitter generates LOT of traffic to site.

Best wishes
Muhammad Siddique
Social Media Marketer
1. I'm not sure there is a "correct" answer on this one. I Tweet 5 or so times a day.

2. I use a rule of thumb as follows: 1/3 personal, 1/3 business and 1/3 social.

3. See number 2.

Have an awesome day!

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Hey Chirs,

Fantastic questions...

1. Tweet as often as you like. To be effective I always recommend an hourly tweet on heavy news topics and about 2-3 times per day on the norm. However, it's really up to you. However, don;t set up an auto tweet service that is pumping out tweets every couple minutes. That is very spam like behavior and not at all desirable.

2. Social Media is about speaking to your audience not about selling them. Balance this out carefully. I usually recommend at MINIMUM a 60% editorial/ 40% advertising split but more editorial is even better.

3. I would find your customer hot button and search for related content on article directory sites and other portals online. Sporting goods store? Tweet about the game. Are you a hot restaurant? Share a wine review that pairs well with your food.

Hector V. Herrera
Social Media Moguls
you tweet about what interests you, hobbies, viewpoints, causes, and so on.
naturally, that will follow into a passion for your product.

tweet to educate, to inform, to praise, to high-five, etc. or to disagree to dissent, and to rant and banter.

but because of the short nature of the tweets, they can be pretty potent statements.

some quote on twitter, motivational statements, retweeting is your way of boomeranging back that statement.

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