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I would appreciate your feedback and help regarding using Twitter, such as:


1.  How often should someone "tweet" per day?


2.  Approximately what percentage of "tweets" should be related to your company's products/services/etc?


3.  If you are not "tweeting" about your company, what should other "tweets" be about?  And where do you find the best content for these?


Many thanks for any help!! 


Chris Hill, Founder

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I don't think it matters because I don't feel twitter is a vital social site. Unlike facebook, linkedin, or others.
I actually feel the same way, mainly because I can see, touch, and feel the benefits derived from Facebook and LinkedIn. I have yet to say the same for Twitter.

But everyone says its a necessary part of Social Networking, so I will defer to the experts. I just want to make sure I am at least doing it right. Chris
Excellent questions that have no definitive answers. Based upon what I've read and witnessed you need to tweet "often" in order to gain credibility. I've read that "often" is defined as somewhere between 10-20 times per day. I use to accomplish this by scheduling my tweets throughout the day. I would say that maybe 60% of your tweets can be about your business. The other 40% can be about you, your community, movies and books you recommend, things that establish you as a human being, not just someone on Twitter to promote a funeral business. That's my take on it anyway. percentages can be modified according to your style. Key is to find a way to track your success, however you define that. Set a goal, tweet, and track it. Maybe you want to draw people to your website? Set a goal, tweet and track. Modify your tweets to see what works. Check to see if your tweets are gaining or losing followers. Its all hit & miss. Just keep at it.

Brad Friedman
I don't think much business comes to me from twitter, i send an odd message as and when. Too much time on social media can be non productive so I audit activity regularly

Thanks for the input Brad. I will look into This sounds like a good idea...I appreciate your input very much!! Chris
Firstly there is no one correct way to tweet , we all over time create our own unique approach .

There are guidelines however

1 Tweet as often as you wish . Tweet not and nobody will see you . If you are tweeting too much people will tell you (Hopefully your friends will be quick off the mark) . I tweet for 2 to 30 times a day.

2 My own opinion .. max 2 in 10 commercial tweets . Also provide links and use something to track click throughs .. If nobody clicks - should you tweet ?

3 Anything . In my case things found on my RSS feeds , if one of my virtual friends pops up .. there may be a chat .

Used properly twitter is a great way to engage with other people ..

Last guideline 'Be yourself'


PS Read this
That was a great article..thanks Steven!! Chris
I’ll put out between 10 to 25 tweets a day, with 95% being company focused and the remaining 5% tasteful tweets about me personally so they my followers get a flavor of who I am as a person.

Of those 95%, 2/3rds are pr and the remaining 1/3 is sales and marketing for new customers.

Don't you ever feel like people get tired of seeing you promote your business/products/services with that high of a percentage of your "tweets" about your company? That is something I find myself being very concerned Thx Chris

WHEN you Tweet is "almost" as important as WHAT you Tweet.

The trick is to know WHEN you're Followers are online.

There's an easy way to see what % of your Friends & Followers are live on Twitter.

The site is called TwitterAnalyzer.

The graphs are pulled straight from your Twitter account. I check AM and PM before sending me Tweets.

You can also use which shows how popular you are.

The idea is to reach as wide an audience as possible , you need to both engage and get your tweets ReTweeted (RTs).

If you are not being RTd , and you links are not being clicked , then you are talking to yourself.
That is AMAZING...where do I find this on my Twitter account? Thx very much!! Chris


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