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With Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, myspace, Nings and many many do you juggle them all? 

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That's a good question. I tend to spend more time on the ones that are the most productive while neglecting the ones I should be building.
the same as everything else, good time management!
Hootsuite with integration into
Since I began using it has made my life easier!
Well the social sites allow you to share your information from one site to the next. You can post on Facebook and share that information on Twitter. Just click on the share button on whatever site your on and select the sites that your on to share your information.
Well, since the email address I have on file links to all the social media of which we signed up for is a catch all. We response to those questions, discussions which are pertient to the business, if not we move right along. As for some of the sites that we never signed up for was myspace, ning , thought it was too social and more for the young crowd. We are more business oriented and tend to response the groups signed up under linkedin and Facebook for the online magazine.

Sometimes, it tends to be overwhelming but we don't get hits every day so it reduces the contacts.
Time management applies here.
I use some automation and some myself upto 30-60 mins a day.

Best wishes
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pretty awesome Muhammad.
can you lead me some introductions on linkedin as i am trying to get a job in either ITT curriculum developer. any of your links into curriculum development???
Hootsuite,, friendfeed, xeesm Firefox
I also have a sort of routine for the order I do things.

I sort the same email notifications from a site and repeating the same task speeds up time spent.
I try and visit each site weekly to keep it up to date.
I visit xeesm and look at the list and note which ones I've not been to recently and do them all one after the other.
I don't do a lot of "juggling" simply because most of the networks are hooked up to Twitter or friendfeed, so I don't have to visit them. I spend a few minutes each day in Twitter, Sokule and Facebook and a few minutes each week in soem Ning networks. That way I get things done, don't waste a lot of time, benefit from the keywrod stuff I do AND build relationships.

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I agree with Kathy is a great tool, which like Mike S. says is linked to time management, which I also agree with. One I have to remind my self about is delegation... Delegate the tasks or projects that are more time consuming than they are worth. An example, taxes, if it take me 20 hours to do my taxes and my time is worth $50 an hour, but it would only cost me $300 to have a professional do them then I need to hand it over to the professionals. This idea goes through out your life, from taxes, to laundry, to building a web site.... Anyway, I could keep going, but I want to hear what others have to say!
Look forward to hearing more about this...
We do social media setup, expansion and automation for clients and PingFM and Tweetlater are great tools. I also like Tweetdeck to interact on Twitter. Sending all social media notifications to 1 email and tweaking the preferences for what emails to receive is very beneficial. I tested many options while I was writing my latest book which is all about web 2.0 and social media - great way to learn and then share many of the things I learned :)

Nikki Leigh


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