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well my question is how can I filter out all the fake profiles, and identify the guys that pose as women in order to extort money from other men that they assume are disparate and can't get laid?

This is a major epidemic and I really feel it's important enough to look into.  Good people are being scammed out of their last few dollars on some thing that plays to their inteclect and good nature.

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Yes, that seems inevitable, except for the fact that some of the providers won't want to limit their traffic for the sake of an individual and what one finds in practice is that one has to pay to get the spam stopped. It's much the same with junk mail and the average post office. I work in a small museum and some outfit offered to stop the spam being delivered to us for an annual fee payable in US dollars (I'm in South Africa). We couldn't afford the fee and now we get the unrelenting spam. Everyone is out to make a fast buck right down the food chain.
That last sentence in my last reply should be "There is always a way around" and there is. The software I was using was custom.

As I said, the spammers, phishers and scammers are opening small businesses in rural America--and they are also doing business with large corporations who are doing the old Pontius Pilate routine when confronted with this. They target seniors like me and other vulnerable groups. Last year I started getting magazines I had not ordered and payments on my credit card to a company called US Magazine Services. I cancelled the card and used my technical skills to track the scoundrels down with web searches. I found a history of about ten years of magazine subscription scams under various corporate shells, all linked to one individual.

There is an old hillbilly saying about how to kill a snake--"Lift up the rock and let the sumbitch die in the sun." So, I lifted up the rock on every complaint and scam site I could find. I added on Facebook and Twitter and other social media, including the town forum in the small rural Montana town where he is operating. I did a little primitive SEO on various Federal and State court actions against the corps. I tied him to the magazines and publishing companies he did business with. Here's a search result that will give you the idea--

I got my money back and they did everything short of coming to my front door and begging me to stop. I would have liked that--I keep a 50-inch Jo staff within reach there and it was my black belt weapon. I am not fond of scumbags.

I then discovered a similar scam on my T-Mobile bill. They were charging me for these ridiculous astrology texts I did not subscribe to. I went after that company too and my reputation proceeded me. They backed down at the speed of light.

I am looking for more work these days--and it is not easy to find when you have snow on the roof, my friends. I am seriously considering starting a site and recruiting a group of similarly inclined folks to out and stomp scams aimed at us. I even have a lawyer who will volunteer to handle that end, though there is no real legal issue involved in telling the truth.

The message? Don't filter them--stomp them.
This is a very good article as I was once going to be taken for a ride as a person by the name of Sharon was on the internet and there was an article of her's saying that there were jobs in a hotel ( Omni Hotels) in Canada and so I filled up the relevant forms on line and sent them and this went on as there was progress and it went to the lawyers office and from there one lawyer demanded a charge of U.S.$ 300/ for which I sent an E-mail to Mrs.Sharon and she instructed me to pay the amount as this was his fees for making the Visa formalities but I got suspicious and I got all the hotel details from the internet and I spoke to the Director and asked for Mrs Sharon but he said that no one by that name was working in that hotel.
So these are international robbers.


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