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well my question is how can I filter out all the fake profiles, and identify the guys that pose as women in order to extort money from other men that they assume are disparate and can't get laid?

This is a major epidemic and I really feel it's important enough to look into.  Good people are being scammed out of their last few dollars on some thing that plays to their inteclect and good nature.

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I am an expert on this one. I created, managed and moderated social media for the web side of one of the large newspaper groups until the wheels came off the industry. One step is checking the IP using A lot of spam originates from Russia, the Middle East and, these days, rural areas in the US. The Russians are particularly bad and quite well organized. Any URL with a .ru is automatically suspect. You can also check any URL's posted, though I would use a well-protected Linux computer to do it. You might end up stuck on a phishing site that is trying to install a trojan on your computer. Since I am a writer with a PhD, I also do linguistic analysis. The posts from a lot of spammers use word choices, grammar and spelling that no native speaker of English would use. They will often try to slip past with one "good" comment or post before showing their colors. One last point, the more traffic you get, the more likely you are to be targeted.
hey that sounds about right.... but it still dosen't tell me how to get rid of them... I mean, isn't there a way my POP server can block them once they've been identified as the fakes they are?

like twitter has so many robot accounts, and what about the guys that send promos of hot girls to guys my age 48... how can I hide my own identity from such pretitors.?
It's virtually impossible to block all SPAM! As these people uses botnets, which are normally randomly changing IP addresses! So you can't block them all unless you want to filter your own legitimate mail as SPAM! In the case of russian brides it's just common sense not to answer nor open those emails, even if they are from 'legitimate' websites, quite a few but they exist, you can try to filter words in your email client or use SPAM aware email clients which use algorithms to 'learn' your behavior such as Thunderbird.

In the end you may be blocking some but I found most effective to blacklist some and then ignore the rest, as the system will brand them as SPAM the next time.

Your ISP or host provider can have SPAM Assassin or some other mail filters in place, the problem with these is they give too many false positives, with legitimate and sometimes URGENT emails you were expecting ...

My recommendation is to filter them on your side, as the email clients gets more efficient, and never use strict rules, which may block or delete your important emails, without warning as many of these are going directly to the trash or SPAM folders, due to the strict policies against SPAM.
Ummm... don't pay money to someone you only know online? In fact, why would you ever need to give money to someone, even if they were a legitimate woman you were interested in?

Announce on your profile you don't ever ever give money to anyone, and scammers won't bother wasting their time trying to get it out of you.
Also, on twitter, you choose the people you follow - they can't contact you with spam unless you've decided to follow them. And don't give out your email address if you don't want it coming to your inbox - all social media sites have ways of direct message for communication, and you can block people if you decide you don't like them.

On the whole, be a bit smarter. Why do you think they target 48 year old men, while a 31 year old woman doesn't have this problem? Use a little common sense.
personals are not about common sense.... they are about the emotions... 31 year old women are in thier own catagory and have differant agendas.
actually that's not the case... they see that Im 48 and single male, and they just figure I'm desparate and I'll be so taken by the semi nude photo He sends me that I'll forget about the lies...

they don't even read my profile or my reply mail, asking to be removed ...
I haven't ran into this problem yet
As far as identifying males masquerading as females goes, there are linguistic analysis methods there too. In my opinion, though, the linguistic differences between the sexes are less reliable among younger people. As far as blocking goes, it depends on the software. I have used software to manage interactive elements that allows IP blocking, but the real smart spammers can mask their IP's too. I remember one troll we must have blocked at least 200 times. In the end, it depends a lot on who you are dealing with and what your tools are, but, in my experience, there is always around.
very good... what program was that... yes it depends on who you are dealing with absolutely.

I think that the provide of my email should step in and track these freaks and shut them down as a cretiscy to thier subscribers.
Yes, indeed, this is a major problem to the extent that one wonders how viable commerce actually is with contacts formed on the Internet. I don't really know what the solution is, but it's very perplexing and I receive daily a large volume of mail trying to scam money or even my identity from me.
thank you Manton, diddo..... again I think the only power that could possibly step in is our provider of our email.... they have all the information on every one... they should have a verification formate in place to screen out the fakes and scammers.


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