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As a start up company, I often find it challenging to find new clients.  Right now, I just talk to anyone who will listen and hope for the best.


Is there anything that you guys do that helps with new clients?  Thanks!

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Finding new clients and prospects is always tough, as you have to think and provide something they are looking for at the right time, however if you post regularly and your subject is interesting then you will have a respectable number of followers, in no time, please note don't try to sell immediately as people gets bored easily.
First educate show what you have, and post useful info to them, after a while the next step will come by itself as people recognizes you as an expert and they will start contacting you about your products or services.

I am an entrepreneur like you and have been facing the same challenges you are facing today.

Rick Fitzgerald
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Finding new people is difficult at the best of times.
Whenever I am on a social website I always add new contacts and ask them how they are.
Then build a rapport with them.

I try not to pitch, them unless they ask.

That way you can build the trust. And of course it works both ways.

Take care and speak soon
john guy
Word of mouth.
First, you have to possess something that they need.
A service or a product, knowlege,,,,whatever.

BUt to be honest, social networking is a new venue for me!

However, I have found Viral Networkers to be the most aggressive!
I love it thus far!
As a B2C e-commerce store, here some of what we do:

* Engage and converse ~ with no agenda, other than making connections. Make people laugh ~ it's priceless advertising. Thank people; be kind; be social. When a need arises, our followers and fans often think of us or refer us to a friend.

* Targeted SM marketing ~ we send marketing tweets on Twitter or post updates on our Facebook fan page about products or special promotions, including giveaways - usually a free $10 gift card.

* Sincere Helpfulness ~ help people without an expectation of something in return and generally operate with "Pay It Forward" principles. This is who we are, not a tactic, but it has created tremendous "relationship capital" for us.

* Offer valuable information ~ send links of funny, valuable or interesting stuff that doesn't have to do with your business (but could be related).

* Communicate expectations ~ see as an example.

* Deliver extraordinary service ~ when we do convert a social media friend to a coveted customer status, we go all out to deliver surprisingly great service. We have had people say "Wow, you're fantastic" in our Twitter stream, and the word of mouth and publicity from that can't be bought. When we learned a Valentine's Day order would not make it in time, due to a condition outside our control, we redirected a ground-shipment-in-progress to our address and overnighted the desired gifts to the recipient. We lost money on that one order, but had a very happy customer who cheered about us.

Hope some of these ideas might be helpful.

Wishing you the very best of business and networking success,

Mike & Kali Kunkle
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A good relationship with loyal customers is worth a fortune in business period. That's the most valuable gift any business can have. The key here is to build your large list of lifetime customers who trust you. When you learn to achieve this hey you're set for life!


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