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I have had many people ask me how do you find people or your target market on the web who are interested in what you have to offer? How do you get them to buy your product/services. Interested in getting feedback on what websites, tactics, etc others use to finding their audience or target market on the web.

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Find social networks or chat rooms etc that match your target. Get involved but don't be pushy on sales. Become and expert and people will connect with you. You could start your own social network via if there is not a good one for your niche. There is a new service that is getting ready to launch that will help you connect to like minded people. It is in beta tester sign up until Saturday. You can sign up for free at - the service will always be free but you can get in on the beta test right now. It is viral.

I pulled up the old census for my target market which gave me valuable information and then I relied on my analytics after I posted on several sites to see which ones worked, it really saves me valuable time. I know my target range and what they are spending and where they are looking. Another site that I just got some more information from is Social Media examiner which ran an article on the breakdowns from age 14-75 and where they go and what they do and then broke it down farther by showing where moms like to go and how you have to play on their terms and rules. It was a very interesting article. Here is some of the information that I got from it and maybe this will help some people on here as well:
Millenials (14-26)
Gen X (27-43)
Boomers (44-62)
Matures (63-75)
Most favor facebook, twitter, and linkedin. Moms favor facebook
How do you find your Target Market on the Web? That depends on what you are marketing. Are you marketing Getting out of debt? Real Estate? Health and Nutrition? You can pay a small fee for a list of people's names, address's, phone numbers and e-mail address's. A website would be nice to have also. You invite them to visit your website. You can also advertise on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Christian Dating Sites, or a small ad in your local newspaper with your website on it. Pass out business cards, or have a Home Party if you are doing Avon, MayKay, or Tubberware. Wear a button advertising your business and talk to people within three feet. Just takes time. Remember Micosoft was a penny stock back in the 80's and now look at it. Hope this helps.
Larry Bryan
LinkedIn is a great source to promote your business. You can join an existing group or you can build one on your own according to your profession. The good thing is that you can write as much as you like. It's a great addition to Twitter and Facebook but more time intense.

To your success

For me just type CCNBPA meaning ( CCNB – Campus de la Péninsule acadienne ) and you will see that in the first 2 pages, Lionel Basque appear for Ecademy, Linkedin ( although I only recently went in it and not completed full info in there), Viadeo and there is also Xing in which I am a co-moderator in the latter for 3 forums. In twitter I am as lelionducanada.

I am a teacher for CCNBPA and not owning a company so imagine what they find for your companu !!!

It is good to not put anything you don't want someone to see. Every body can see my profile anywhere in the world.

Best regards to all of you

Lionel Basque
I am interested to contact you.
I worked as a teacher in many countries and Universities
I work in my own company as well nowadays
Please feel free to contact me.
We may develop a link together between the University and the entrepreneurs
for students to go through an easy transition when going from one to the other
Let me know your comments
I will look for you in your addresses as well

Esther de iberkleid Coronel de Iberkleid
I speak french

Sorry, I forgot to add, the Dept of Labor can provide great statistics on your targeted market and give you an idea of where your competitors are located based upon county and state information.
Hi Gloria
This is for the USA right?
Thanks Nilda for the oportunity you are giving us to be in touch

All the best

I tried to enter the site for blogspot and I can't enter. Maybe a technical problem. J'essaie d'entrer dans le blogspot avec l'adresse internet et cela ne fonctionne pas. Peut-être que c'est une petite faute technique.

Je vais essayer de te contacter prochainement car je suis très occupé dernièrement. Will try to contact you in the future but very busy now and will surely be writing to you. Have a wonderful week.

Aies une merveilleuse semaine au travail et en famille.

Lionel Basque email :
Hi Lionel

Thanks for the message.

Try ti visit here any of them must be ok They are all active sites
Be well

traffic?don't know haven't found it yet.


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