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I have had many people ask me how do you find people or your target market on the web who are interested in what you have to offer? How do you get them to buy your product/services. Interested in getting feedback on what websites, tactics, etc others use to finding their audience or target market on the web.

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To a certain degree I think your audience finds you. When we started out we had a business plan with specific targets and assumed behavior responses. After 6 months we found a differnt segment all together were engaging with our site. Looking at your traffic and analytics/metrics for any product will give you volumes of data on your product. You can do this via, Web forms, surveys,etc....You may have a great product, but if your delivery or assumtions are wrong you could be pitching to a black hole. Engage with your prospects or clients often. Talking to buyers and non buyers will give you more than one A-HA moment. I know it has for us.
Great feedback and you're right talking to customers and even non-customers will really provide a multitude of perspectives. So true that analytics is key.
LinkedIn Groups is an excellent resource for target markets. Reviewing the huge quantity of active groups can be time consuming, but the use of relevant key words in your search can narrow the prospects a bit. Also try doing Google searches using keyword phrases that are specific to the target market (i.e. small business owners attending networking events in Bloomfield Hills, MI)
Absolutely....I am on several groups and it is time consuming. Will try the specific Google keyword phrases....Thanks!
So true Michelle....didn't think about the online magazines. Thanks!
As an author, my target author changes by the book. I basically seek out groups and sites that attract avid readers and take it from there.
Nilda I have been using online sites for 6 years and it is hard work.You have to connect with people online and also meet them offline.Create groups,communities,have a very concise yet a detailed profile,respond to messages and posts on forums.You must create curiosity in the other person in wanting to know you and what you do.Lead people to your product and service,eventually people will start recommending you and giving 2004 I joined ryze and went about reading 100's of profiles every day and saying Hello to everyone including something personal like a comment on a picture or about there interests or hobby and attended every ryze event,then eventually joined other networks and it has worked like magic but I did put in tons and tons of hours every day.I ensured my profile was there on all known and happening networks.
My target market is women 20-50 years old who are athletic and of middle to upper middle class. If they own their own business that is also a plus. For me, I have an entire day of massage appointments to fill and men generally want the 5:00 or 5:30 time slot, which is fine but what about the rest of my day. I have to post anywhere there are women clients looking. Health related places...
For me, I generally post pictures with my text, and the picture is of the type of client I am looking for.
The wording you use is also important.
I found interesting the mention that you post a picture of the type of client you are looking for. Thanks for sharing so important comment
Is Depends on what you are offering if it's a service or product there is always someone somewhere who posted in a website, forum, blog or social media site, about it or them. Then the trick is to check what are the prospective buyers are looking for, and if your product fits their target.

Posting information online also helps, because people will hear from you and if they are interested they will try to contact you.

If your market is B2B, large B2B portals are a good bet. Beware of Scams and Spam, as a result, common sense will get you foolproof.
Thanks Rick it really makes sense. I would like to add each of us is unique so there is no competition. May be others are offering what we offer so I would add: We need to step back and think which is the ingredient we have we may add. Your comment has been very helpful Again Thanks



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