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 Success using social media networking really depends on how well you make friends.  Generally, if you're easygoing, and don't have any problem talking to strangers in real life, you probably will do pretty well using social media networking.

Some social networks are more 'personal' than others.  Facebook is more 'personal' than Twitter.  With Facebook you can gain a lot of friends by being transparent, and sharing more of yourself than on Twitter.  

Your level of transparency is equal to the amount of friends you have on Facebook.

How transparent are you on Facebook?  Share your Facebook Fan Page or profile link below.

Give me some feedback if you like.

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This is a great discussion! In my experience, I have found that although I make friends very easily, I prefer in-person over the computer, because so many things are misunderstood on the computer if you know what I mean! So many people interpret things the wrong way, and then everyone has to explain themselves, etc. In person, people can be able to really tell that you care and that you're sincere, just trying to help, etc. However, I will still partake in great discussions with positive people via computer!

I love to meet new people. I'm the type of person that will walk up to someone I don't know and tell them that an article of clothing looks great on them and I do it because I think people need to know that so they can feel good about themselves. I usually end up talking with them and know more about them in less than 5 minutes than most people do that have been around them for a long time.
Vickie Rhodes
My name is Esther Coronel de Iberkleid and I found this article very interesting. I use all social media and believe there are many types of comments related to social media most of them related to how much people know about Social Media and as well related to how much they know about using the tool itself. Those are extraordinary tools for the purpose you decide to use them. You can use them to promote yourself as an Expert in your field, or promote your company or your products.
People need more than only work so they must use "spice" "hot" or "mild" in relationships. Social media and Social networking brings to our day the "spice of life" we all need. We need that specific "human part" of the "human being". You can meet your client or your friend in social media from your emotional side or your "emotional you", alone in your computer when nobody sees you!!! Wow!!! Fantastic for many people out there struggling with their emotions...... (I believe we have all been there some how) ......................Something very important we all need. What do you think about this?
So I personally find absolutely amazing the tools we have in our hands through Social Media and social networking.
Think about it and I invite you to read an article I published here reglated to Business and Spirituality.
Even though it is written in spanish there is a translator in the site that in a click thanslates all the page into your own language. Thanks to technology !!
I hope you enjoy it and you can post a comment if you want
All the best and thank you for this possibility of expressing ourselves in Viral Networkers
I'm don't make friends much cause I take my friendships seriously however, I do idle conversate with various people.
My Facebook Fan Page is
I believe the verb for this sort of thing is “converse.” . . . . . . :-)
Hi There
We believe you can never have to many friends. So join us on facebook at we would love to join your facebook page as well.
I am a social creature, but I also know the distinction of what a REAL friend is. I prefer to socialize more the old fashioned way....having a potluck!! Nothing like good food and good company!!

But seriously, I love meeting new people in the real world as well as the virtual world!!

So, without any further dribbling and babbling, below are posted my Facebook profile, twitter page, and my Linkedin profile.

Come one, come all.....join me in my online world!!


Daniel Noe


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