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 Success using social media networking really depends on how well you make friends.  Generally, if you're easygoing, and don't have any problem talking to strangers in real life, you probably will do pretty well using social media networking.

Some social networks are more 'personal' than others.  Facebook is more 'personal' than Twitter.  With Facebook you can gain a lot of friends by being transparent, and sharing more of yourself than on Twitter.  

Your level of transparency is equal to the amount of friends you have on Facebook.

How transparent are you on Facebook?  Share your Facebook Fan Page or profile link below.

Give me some feedback if you like.

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I am quite comfortable making friends in person and on social media sites. I believe you can't have too many.

Join me on facebook at
I suppose the vapidity of the friend concept on these sites is what keeps me away from posting very often, as well as the lack of any real help or advice in times of adversity. I am more of a one-on-one person. That being said, I'm beginning to realize that, in light of my work in music, social skills are pretty essential at times, so I'm still learning.
I am all out there and love making new friends:


My profile:
Technically I guess you are right. Depends on your definition of friend. Mine is a person you would do almost anything for, and they would do the same. By that definition I have few true friends online or off. I know a lot online...and i mean a lot of folks that seem to like me, and I like them....but very few of them do I consider friends. More like, uh, associates? I'm willing to be friendly with anyone, and help in any way I can for the most part....but a true friend is something that can be hard to come by. It's funny but the best friend I had, who is gone now, was my little squirrel buddy, BH. If I find folks that treat me like she did, then I'll stick by them through thick and thin...but like I said that seems hard to come by.
I have hired a drummer who plays pads from his wheelchair and can really play. What's to be afraid of? Find Rolf Kempf Quartet on uTube to see him.
I make friends-acquaintances fairly easily but still would rather hear voices [not in my head lol] and see eyes as I communicate. Just an old fashioned Photographic Artist in a 140 character world. My Facebook Still making typos. Twitter PeterJCrowley enjoy pjc
Photographic Art, Facebook and PeterJCrowley are all links.
Silver Gelatin prints rule.
I have been asked several times what the heck I do with thousands of global contacts on different social networking platforms and special groups. The guys, who are asking, are people who swear for that it’s the quality of ones network that counts, not the quantity.

I disagree as long as the network is generally about smart people with mutual values, objectives and desires. Whatever you think, quantity goes over quality especially in problem solving. A large number of smart professionals go over a small amount of geniuses’. 15 smart guys are better than one genius.

Here's my profile:, and my fan page, SICU Synergy Integrated - Connects the Unconnected.
When was the last occasion you solved a problem on a social network?
Good question, Rolf. I utilise social networks mostly as a base from where I pick-up and invite the most suitable connections in order to increase the quality values of the SICU Synergy Solutions Group as a Virtual Organization and a Strategic Alliance.

To answer your question, SICU represents my core business as a multifunctional marketing and project management agency, supported by the SICU Synergy Solutions Group as a globally active virtual organization, I can tell that many smaller and larger problems have been solved since 2004... Supporting both my activities and the Global partners and members of SICU SSG.
I like that, connects the unconnected. Is that the link to your facebook profile Tom?
All you hear and read about now in nearly all media avenues is how to make money via social media, so is the next person who wants to connect with you going to be a friend or want to make money from you.

I fear the latter.

I am a very friendly guy and believe you can never have enough friends, so anybody reading this and wants to be my friend, please connect.
You know what, I think you just answered the question I had in my mind but had no answer, until now.

I have always felt more at home on LinkedIn, where it is "expected" that the relationships are of a business nature. There's no wondering whether you're trying to be marketed to. I know that the relationship needs to be mutually beneficial... no games.

I am often suspicious of strangers on facebook, but am much less so on LinkedIn. Am I the only one?

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