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I would appreciate some real life experiences. So please share!

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If you are a PC user, there is free software you can use. It is called 'Windows Movie Maker'. Mac users have free software as well, but I do not know the name. It is a matter of using the software to make videos. You do not need to appear in the video. The software can capture screen. You can speak or you can add music to your video. You can do it on your own or you can take a course. If you need to know where to find such course, I can help you.
Thanks Alla, I sure have Windows Movie Maker on my laptop. I have tried it in the past but did not like the sound of my voice. I will enlist someone else to do the talking maybe.....


I have the same questions. My main website went up in 1998, but since then it has been a continual stream of updates, redesigns, SEO, etc. And NOW, we are all expected to share our thoughts every day (blog) or every hour (twitter) and socially network on LinkedIn and Ning and Facebook. Seems like I can now add all sorts of viral marketing stuff on YouTube and elsewhere.

Can't I just leave everyone alone? (smile)

Performance Management Company sells team building games and bundles of Square Wheels cartoons at - really good tools for trainers and consultants and some of the best prices for high quality stuff in the global marketplace. But do I really need to update everyone everyday on what is happening?

I do like to write about themes of collaboration and ownership and performance, but the demands of this social networking seems way out of line, at times.

Do we really need a stream of twitters on team building? Or a stream on collaboration?
Dear Consolata;
How to Use Facebook to Promote Your Blog

Your blog’s readers probably have Facebook profiles already, and making your own Facebook profile is easy enough. Aside from allowing you to create a profile and connect with your friends from elementary school, Facebook has several features that can connect your blog readers and help you find new ones.
Create a Facebook Group

Your readers have a common interest – your blog’s subject. My readers are The Bankers of the world . Maybe yours are interested in knitting, running, or making money online. Just as they have subscribed to your blog, they will join your Facebook group.

At the beginning of December 2007, I created the 2008 LSAT Study / Discussion Facebook Group. Someone else had created a 2009 THE BANKERS Group, and I wanted to be the person to create the 2009 group, so I started early. When someone is searching Facebook for The Bankers group to join this year, they’ll see my group has over 570 members, but someone else’s group on the same topic only has 3, guess which group they’ll join.

Note: I didn’t make the group about my blog directly – I made it broader. Why? So people searching on Facebook for The Bankers-related groups would feel welcome to join. If they thought it was limited to my blog’s readers, the prospective member might not even visit the group page, which means he/she would never see the link to my blog.

So I created a group and placed a prominent link to my blog on the top, but it only had one member – me. Not very impressive, right? I didn’t want my readers to think my group and blog were unpopular, so I immediately invited all of my Facebook friends to join the group. Some of my Facebook friends were already planning to take THE BANKERS, so inviting them to join my new Facebook group had two additional benefits:

1. It informed them of my blog if they didn’t know about it already.

2. Facebook’s news feed told all their friends, making the group a viral marketing mechanism for the blog..
How Readers Use the Facebook Group

Of course, the Facebook group is more than a viral marketing mechanism too. It helps your readers to connect with each other in a way comments don’t. While comments are generally responses to your postings, Facebook’s discussion boards allow direct interaction between readers. My readers have used the Facebook group to find The Bankers partners and form study groups by posting messages on the discussion board and the Wall. How did I tell my readers about the Facebook Group? I posted a link to it on the side of my blog, and I made a brief blog post about it for those who hadn’t noticed the link.
Marketing Your Facebook Group, and Your Blog, in Other Facebook Groups

Search Facebook for groups on your topic and related ones. In each of these groups, you can post a message on the group Wall or discussion board, or you can use the Post a Link feature to notify the group’s members of your group and your blog. Warning: don’t do all three in the same group at the same time – it’s overkill and may get you banned from the group. By promoting your Facebook group at first, instead of promoting your blog, you decrease the likelihood that the group administrator will remove your message.

After doing all of this, Facebook became one of my biggest sources of traffic, and I don’t even have to do much to keep the Facebook traffic coming. In order to get more readers, you need to have a presence where they are. For me and for many bloggers these days, our present and future readers spend their time in social networking sites.

My Best Regards,
Tarek Elbakry!/group.php?gid=2359153525&v=wall&ref=ts!/tarekelbakry?ref=profile

I use TweetMyBlog (with WordPress) to post notice of all updates to my two blogs - and

to Twitter. All my Twitter post are re-posted to Facebook. LinkedIn etc. (I basically use Twitter as a mini-blog - I don't see it as social media, now, or as a means of communication - only publishing).

My experience is that selected posts do create interest and comment on Facebook - so it seems to be effective.

Hi Consolata and everyone,

I came across this tonight and want to share it while it's still fresh in my mind:

This explains how to add those little buttons to the bottom of your blog so that people can automatically share them on FB and other sites. May seem like a detail, but I think this is important if you want to be viral. Even though this tip is specific to Wordpress, I think if you visit the HTML - generation sites that are referenced, they probably work with other blog providers. I think for Blogger, they may have it built in.

Here is an example in action that I did in about 3 minutes. Scroll to bottom of post to see the link buttons.

- Walter
Consolata, FaceBook is a powerful tool. Watch this to see one of many examples of what I mean. I offer this to all my clients and they are having huge success. My business is giving a client a total web presence. here's the link you may have to copy and paste. More information is available just let me know how I can help. I'm looking to expand my company all across the US and Canada.
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Hi there Consolata
download a package called, its free, its wonderful and it will help you run linkedin, twitter and other SNs fast and easy to promote your blog. I did for mine. my site
goodluck !
Really depends on your "wheelhouse". We have blogs that twitter is almost useless for, others twitter is invaluable.

Ray @ the Crude Oil Trader


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