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I would appreciate some real life experiences. So please share!

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Hi Consolata,

When you do a new blog entry, post a comment and link in your update/tweet. Try contextualising it by asking a question for people to answer. On Twitter you might want to direct the question specifically to someone by using their @name, so they pay attention to it. However, only use someone's name if it is directly relevant to them, or they will feel like you're spamming them.
Thanks for this tip Luci. That was real quick feedback and so much appreciated.
Hi Consolata,

I agree with Luci. I tweet out or put a message out to our FB fans along the lines of a question. Such as "what's your favorite chocolate" (link to our survey results) or "What's a Molinillo - find out at

Tip: on FB, the links are not clickable unless you include the whole thing (including http://)

Good luck!

Walter Plante
Chief Tasting Officer
The New Way to Get Chocolate
Thanks Walter for your tips.


The best real world experience you can learn about is in Gary Vaynerchuk's book called "Crush It". He turned a wine blog into 100,000 users a day through social media.


I think I need to read that book too... :)
Just like the media does..., Use captivating head lines that draw your readers in. You can learn from the magazine covers, the news papers, TV news headlines... That's what I've started to look at... To make it more efficient look at using to hit both FB and Twitter with one post... It's free too... :)
Hi Consolata!

I agree with the others, but I think there's more to it if you really want to see your Facebook & Twitter following coming to your blog. No one likes to be pummeled with self-promotion after self-promotion! Facebook & Twitter and other social networks are for being social; promoting your blog should be a secondary task. You'll want to be sure you make connections with some influencers - people who will re-tweet your stuff, because you can't do it alone.

Try these (shameless plugs, but they'll help :)):

In 4 Ways to Get Your New Blog Some Exposure I talk about using a system to promote your blog which would include Twitter, but also three other ways. The idea being that Twitter is just one of several tools to promote your blog.

In the follow up to that, Creating an Effective System to Promote Your Blog, I go into a little more detail about Twitter and some other things. I list 4 very specific ways you can draw attention to your blog with Twitter. Check that out!

Above all, if you do promote your blog with Twitter or Facebook, make sure it is only while you are truly being social. I almost never click on the links posted by people who only promote their own stuff. ;)
Thanks Tia,

I will take a look at the material you mentioned.
My main concern is that "social media interaction" is so time consuming and at times the chit chat is so no! no!.
Many of the conversations have no substance at all.
I am so reluctant to jump in to such "mundane chit chat" [no pun intended] just for the sake of getting more exposure.


Hi Mike,

Thanks for the tip on creating illuminating headlines; that are irresistible.


Hi Consolata and everybody else. I connected my twitter account, my facebook account and LinkedIn. One entry on twitter creates entries on facebook and LinkedIn. And if you decide to turn your blog entry into video, you can post it on YouTube, connect your YouTube accounts to facebook and Twitter - that might make your blog post viral.
Hi Alla,

Thanks for your comment .
My Facebook and Twitter Accounts are connected but I don't really see any benefits. My LinkedIn account has all my blog posts real time; I initially saw some traffic from LinkedIn when I posted in some groups I belong to but it has since ceased. I can seem to keep up with communication on all these three platforms. If I going around getting social when will I have time to create posts for my two blogs.

I like your point about turning blog entries into Video; How can I do that? Mind you I don't want to make videos of myself talking....




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