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Job Search just got rewarding...., a recently launched, multi-award nominated Job website , have today transformed themselves into a world class Employment Network by including a truly unique Invite Platform that tracks the contacts you invite to their website and allows you to be paid a $10.00 (Australian) referral fee if anyone you invite gets short-listed for an interview!

The contacts you invite do not even need to get the job for you to be paid, they just need to be short-listed by Employers or Recruiters who are on the hunt for their skills! WOW!

It really is brilliant that have bridged the gap in the market from traditional job boards to a full blown, interactive employment network driven by it's user base! believe people should be remunerated for inviting their contacts, to assist in building up a valuable platform that can open up new employment opportunities for millions of people around the world and give Recruiters & Employers a dedicated Employment network to Search for staff and post vacancies.

After-all, who gets paid for the people we invite to Social Media platforms? No one I know, that's for sure...


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