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Finding your niche of followers on Twitter is the key to success in using this social networking site.  Many marketers express disappointment when speaking about Twitter because their old methods of communicating with potential customers just don't work on Twitter.

Its not that Twitter is using some new, magical format.  Quite the contrary.  Twitter simply uses specified tools that allow a marketer to target location and niche.  If you utilize either or both of these tools consistently, you can find success with Twitter marketing.

So tell me, are you successfully using niche marketing on Twitter?

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I am not using any niche marketing on twitter but I do believe it works, I just have not had the time to implement any of them. I know the key on this network as it is in all of them is to have as many friends or followers, if you are not pushing your products or services downs their throat but you are genianiny friendly, you can earn their trust you must include important and interested information in order to gain their respect as well.
So far, I've been building my followers however, I have not gotten any work from the site.
As a professional travel writer and blogger, I am happy to report that I have had tremendous success on Twitter. As I only tweet about travel, I have firmly established myself in the twitter travel niche and have been fortunate to be included in numerous "Top Travel Tweeter" lists.

My two cents on using Twitter successfully, establish yourself as an expert in one niche.
Remember that Twitter is a social networking site - this means you need to interact with your followers.
Engage your followers as the author did in this discussion by asking for input.

Follow me on Twitter for all things travel-related @Nancydbrown

Equestrian horse lovers may follow me on Twitter @Ridinghorseback
Had some small success with Twitter.
It is a reat way to connect and keep intouch with people.
It is ususally findsing a smarter way to use information in a more resourceful and productive direction.
It would be nice ,if you or any other take the pain to discuss ,how those feature are to use.
Sure, that's what this site is all about, explaining the nuts and bolts of all things social networking.
I use Twitter to post links to my news and updates from our website to our many followers. Our website has greatly increased our traffic do to our use of Twitter. I think you must follow in order to be followed, post often and relavent topics. If you want to post a different subject then create another Twitter account to use for those followers.
Thanks Texas Tips, niche marketing on twitter and other SM sites is my next challenge. Beginning NOW, today I will study and share the art of SM niche marketing, for Newbies. Good looking out.

My niche on twitter is creating self help groups. from

New one , from lists , commenced 7th March

SEO on the URL's on the Bio's has been tremendous.
I am only using Twitter to give glimpses into what I write for my Home and Living articles for the Examiner.


I write reviews of home products and services; I also include stories about entertaining and throwing parties. I get about twenty-thirty home product press releases a week now, so I guess it is working for resource and product lines.
Andrea, how is it working for you?
I find the website very useful, convenient, and easy.
It is a piece of cake for netizen like me.
best wishes for the team


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