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Finding your niche of followers on Twitter is the key to success in using this social networking site.  Many marketers express disappointment when speaking about Twitter because their old methods of communicating with potential customers just don't work on Twitter.

Its not that Twitter is using some new, magical format.  Quite the contrary.  Twitter simply uses specified tools that allow a marketer to target location and niche.  If you utilize either or both of these tools consistently, you can find success with Twitter marketing.

So tell me, are you successfully using niche marketing on Twitter?

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I have been extremely successful on Twitter for myself and my clients. You are completely correct about location and niche. I believe that if you want to sell on Twitter; you will have a rough ride and the sellers on Twitter have reduced Twitter's increadible effectiveness.

If you use Twitter as with any Social Network, as a way to build a list and rapport in that list; then you are moving in the right direction.

JW Najarian

@jwnajarian - personal site
@crepigsite - CRE Pro Investor Group
@credaa - CRE Distressed Assests Assoc.
JW, how long did it take you to attain the level of success you are at now? What steps did you take to get there?
Thanks for asking. This is another very important question. Two rules apply here. One - There is no such thing as a Free Lunch and Two - Instant Gratification and Getting Rich Quick do not apply to sustainable success.

To answer your question directly it took a couple of years learning, planning, seeding and followup. Twitter itself took a shorter period of just under a year, but I had a great foundation to build off of. Now I build for others and it can take a long or short time based on a couple of factors. I will explain.

The steps
Learning - Getting familiar with Twitter. At first I did not understand it at all. Then I learned and mastered the true power of Twitter, which are the third party programs like TweetDeck and SocialOomph and many more.

After discovering these powerful third party programs I spent some time learning about the people that had large followings and started reading their stuff on how they built. I also learned how to search for people by interest and location. Then I learned about hashtags and Retweet etc. etc..

The Plan
At that point I layed out a plan to build a large list of targeted followers. Luckily I have had many years of sales training; not based on answering objections and NLP devices, but using nuture marketing, Natural Selling and service based selling techniques that are perfect for building rapport with large lists.

Using feeds and organic messaging (computer or cell phone updates) to deliver constant content. People like personal stuff and they love sayings, I also do news feeds for my industry. When you first start off you need to really put out interesting quality stuff and this takes some time and thought.

You have to answer messages and start conversations. Participation shows others that you are not just selling or pushing to them, but that you are open to their stuff too. Everyone's favorite subject is themselves.... Not you. By using those techniques and utilizing feeds, followups, retweets, mentions and DM I have found that I could move large groups of prospective clients toward a website or get out important news about launchings and new products.

To me Twitter is not a sales area. I believe that those selling direct on Twitter are working pretty hard. However Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the other social sites are a great place to hand out your business card and build relevancy with your client or prospect. Twitter has been one of the best ways to build your list faster then most other services, but Facebook seems to gaining on Twitter with the advent of the Fan Page.... We will see as you know things change daily in the Internet....

To finish I promised to comment on slow or fast growth of Twitter followers. You can use TweetAdder or Hummingbird to push the limits of Twitter growth and you do have to be careful as Twitter looks for this kind of building and will shut you down if you are blatant about agressive following. Using these programs is no guarantee that you will grow a list, however. The best list is build over time and even if you are using a list builder program, nothing beats promotion.

I have clients that promote their Twitter addresses everywhere and can grow huge lists and others that use building programs that after 6 months are still just up around 3000 followers.....

Bring value, promote, be consistent and persistant and above all have fun................
I talk about things relating to health, healing & fitness. It is pretty neat! I am also connected to a bunch of other twitters like minded & in others areas, so it is nice to be able to re-tweet useful information & other interesting tidbits. The key for success seems to have a lot to do with exposure and consistency.
OK, so what's the secret to Twitter marketing?
I have had some very good leads come from twitter. I find it somewhat amusing that there are people or companies that just don't get it. Just like you stated; The old ways don't work for social media. I like to have fun with it and connect. I don't care if I get work out of it or not.

I only use Twitter to update the auto-widgets that show Twitter updates on my websites.



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