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It is forever a challenge to think of new ways to get customers.  My competitive spirit is not satisfied with just one new customer per day.  No I want 1000s!  Some may call that greed.  I don't care what 'some' think; I want it all and I will find out how to attain this goal. 

If you believe what the statisticians report, that the diet industry is a multi-billion dollar one; or that the vitamin supplement industry is also a multi-billion dollar industry- then I should have no problem making 1000s of sales per day.  Not if I properly analyze the situation.   

When I think about the types of people who are interested in my product, a preliminary demographic comes to mind: men and women with active lifestyles who seek healthy living alternatives; their education level is likely to be at least some college, with an income level of $35,000+.  That is just one of my potential customers.  My product also appeals to the person who is looking for a healthy weight-loss alternative. That customer is 18-54 male or female with a household income of $35,000+ and has tried at least 1-2 weight loss methods in the past. 

Another customer are the tragically unemployed. My product has the ability to provide a steady income in addition to creating a healthier lifestyle. The multiple benefits and advantages of my product causes several marketing conflicts.  Yet I see these marketing conflicts as opportunities to find more customers. 

Problems are nothing but challenging opportunities.  It's not what we do to solve these problems that become so important, but HOW we solve them.  The HOW is so essential because it serves as a roadmap, and a how-to guide that is useful in future opportunity challenges.  So having problems is actually a good thing.  It gives the business person something to do (smile) while she makes more money. 

Think of it this way, if there were no problems to challenge us, we would never have the opportunity to be successful.  Problems are challenges disguised as opportunities.

What opportunities are you ignoring?

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Social Media should indeed be an asset to your sponsoring efforts, where else can you go and have access to all the people that are online in a given day. Face Book is now the hottest ticket in town and you can do it one on one or you can take the fast track and take advantage of the Face Book advertising program.
I agree Dan. I do most of my marketing through FB and it has proven to be a valuable piece of my marketing mix.
Social Media is solutions to many problems and I have got solutions from all over.

I am more focused on LINKEDIN.
It's a great opportunity because the social sites assist you in having your product/service looked at. Also, it places you towards the top of the search engine optimization. The downfall is that there are so many social sites that you have to constantly promote as well as engage with members in general.
I've found nothing but help sharing my company on FB and twitter. I like LinkedIn very much too, but I just don't have time to participate as much as I'd like there.
Social media is allowing us to connect and help many more people. Once you stop treating them as traffic, prospects and eyeballs, these tools allow you to grow much faster.

The tools to "present challenges" or "affect my business".. they are tools. I affect my business and choose the tools that help me do that
Keeping my response short because we are all busy people. I would say both. Negative because people who have failed to educate themselves in Social Media Marketing are now very close to becoming spammers and ruining legitimate marketers reputations. Rxample on my Blog yesterday my Spam Filters picked up 8 comments exactly the same from 8 different email addresses all trying to get a DoFollow link,

Positive in that if you use it correctly no one has any idea how big you are and has no pre-conceived ideas so you can start a legitimate business opportunity at much lower than a stationary or static business.
so true, Andres. We have to respect others' inboxes. I try to make the majority of my posts something of help or value to my niche. I was so happy when yesterday I got a Facebook message telling me that my 8-15 posts per day were the first he opened.

"I just wanted to thank you. Your postings have educated me in such a great way. Your posts are always the first that I open, and I love that you care about others sooo much that you share all of the knowledge with the public! Thank You SOOOOO much Aggie! I will always be a follower of you! :)"

Made my day. And helps me know I'm on the right path to using social media correctly. shows that 99.89 percentile of my posts are retweeted.

Am I making money yet? Not much, but it takes times.
Thanks for your kind comments. Feel free to friend me on Facebook my Fan Page is where I will be focusing my business and personal development content. As for money, remember this statistic - it's the ones that make it past the first year without quitting that go on to succeed.

Wishing you all the best,
I found you on both social sites. Thankx for the invite.
Social media offers nothing but opportunities for reaching a wide variety of people from teens to 80+ year olds ( I encountered an 80-something year old introducing herself through a Squidoo page. Very cool ). Even people who aren't online are somehow finding me and it has to be referrals from other people who found me on the social sites.

I don't spend a lot of time on the social sites. A few minutes to follow back the people who followed me on Twitter gets me a bunch a new followers. Another few minutes to retweet some interesting quotes and informative blog posts. All of my activity on Twitter automatically get transfered over to Facebook.

I would also like to suggest a slight shift in your thinking too. Instead of looking for thousands of customers who want to buy your product, attract thousands of people that you can help through the benefits of your product and business opportunity.
I think Social media sites help get your business looked at so yes it does give Opportunities :)


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