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It is forever a challenge to think of new ways to get customers.  My competitive spirit is not satisfied with just one new customer per day.  No I want 1000s!  Some may call that greed.  I don't care what 'some' think; I want it all and I will find out how to attain this goal. 

If you believe what the statisticians report, that the diet industry is a multi-billion dollar one; or that the vitamin supplement industry is also a multi-billion dollar industry- then I should have no problem making 1000s of sales per day.  Not if I properly analyze the situation.   

When I think about the types of people who are interested in my product, a preliminary demographic comes to mind: men and women with active lifestyles who seek healthy living alternatives; their education level is likely to be at least some college, with an income level of $35,000+.  That is just one of my potential customers.  My product also appeals to the person who is looking for a healthy weight-loss alternative. That customer is 18-54 male or female with a household income of $35,000+ and has tried at least 1-2 weight loss methods in the past. 

Another customer are the tragically unemployed. My product has the ability to provide a steady income in addition to creating a healthier lifestyle. The multiple benefits and advantages of my product causes several marketing conflicts.  Yet I see these marketing conflicts as opportunities to find more customers. 

Problems are nothing but challenging opportunities.  It's not what we do to solve these problems that become so important, but HOW we solve them.  The HOW is so essential because it serves as a roadmap, and a how-to guide that is useful in future opportunity challenges.  So having problems is actually a good thing.  It gives the business person something to do (smile) while she makes more money. 

Think of it this way, if there were no problems to challenge us, we would never have the opportunity to be successful.  Problems are challenges disguised as opportunities.

What opportunities are you ignoring?

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It looks like I still don't know how to make business on those social sites, I am still not tuned properly into social media and I don't spend lots of time on them.
You are very abitious and good for you. I like you attitude about not stoping untill you succeed. Just be carefull not to burn yourself out, pace yourself.
I have no daubth that you will succeed.
Social media does offer immense opportunity for exposure of your products and services. However, there is also a lot of competition and potential clients are often on information overload. Social media marketing, especially at this point in time, requires a savvy business approach, the building of trust through frequent communication of value and substance, and it does take time. It is not a get rich quick scheme but a building process - building your alliances, building your connections and building your lists.
Thanks for inviting me contribute towards this blog...marvelous question. The "new media" to me like a river, others word say it's a revolution...which ever side of the divide you could be. Of course, i joined the new media and met a long distance , with a team of people of strong willed people.

However, "new media" is a journey of missionaries, people looking for solutions that has kept them under the wraps.
Problems are challenges disguised as opportunities. what about, crisis is made-up of two components a) opportunities and b)danger

Thanx Teasas
Social Media has come a long way. I have nothing but love for it. I do hate all the MLM advertisements, but they are a business also and have rights. I would like to see sites like iZania come back up. They seemed to be a closer community. Now I do advertisement on my site for the low AndyClyde's Inc. I have sections that cover it all. I love facebook now so come friend me Clyde W Anderson. I am an event planner

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