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I've noticed that on Facebook, as with actual life events, people seem to gravitate towards the crowd.  I have tried to engage my friends to help me with this but they don't follow-thru (because they don't want all those emails).  So I was wondering if perhaps there is a service available that does what I can't get my friends to do.


Basically, a business owner posts something about their product (in my case, my books) and a group of people post comments about how they love or recommend the product.  My thought is, after a while people will begin to take an interest in what is being posted.  I have seen something similar offered by someone but this person basically had several pages, and she would post status updates about products, with links, etc. 


It's really frustrating when I post something trivial, or tell something that happened in my day, and  receive "likes" and comments, but post something about my product and it's crickets.  Even on my group and fan page, FB statistics show that people are viewing the content but no one is commenting.  Maybe it's just me, but when other FB business friends post something I will "like" or comment on their business related posts, just because.  But it is rarely reciprocated.  What is more perplexing is when people see me out an public and comment that they did not know I had published two books, yet they ae FB friend's who I interact with on FB.


Also, another problem I have with FB, is targeting the right people.  Example, I write Contemporary fiction, but I have begun to notice that a lot of people who join my pages or friend me, are Urban fiction writers and followers.  This too may also be a part of the problem.  Any suggestions on how to remedy this?  I've already stopped accepting friend requests from these writers and also deleted a few.

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Hi Tracy,

Facebook can be a challenge.. What is happening people are looking at facebook but have so much many friends to comment on so when they stop by your profile they like what you have wrote, if they read it , but at any fact, they want you to know that they reconize you... That's not all bad..

You might want to start writing in places like the Hub Pages, where people read and amire people work..

Write some reviews about your writings and post them in other places where people read, and make comments on books and talk and love to read ...

You want to communicate with other writers they may be able to direct you to other sites that they use that are good places to get notice.

The internet is vast.. Don't get discourage... keep writing ... Facebook is not the sure all for everything...

Be creative and think of places that you would like people to read about you...

Gwendolyn Davis
Thanks Gwen, I've been trying to branch out but it becomes so time consuming. I say I am going to log-on for about an hour and before I know it, half the day is gone.

LOL, yes I have had that experience, I get into a conversation with people and time do fly by fast..

Make facebook the last place to post your ideas and market your book... I found out that having more than 5 places to post to a day is all I can handle...

So make a goal every day to post a review about your book in 3-5 different places every day. so each week you are covering about 17 to 30 places speading your word every where.

Set up your schedule... It takes about 30 minuites or less then go to facebook..

Talk later... Keep up your work and tire out...

Consider Wonder Jam. You can post your business related article as a permanent ad, which won't get buried like a Facebook update. And you can earn 100% commissions as well.

The comments feature on the page will build up your audience over time.
Hi there Tracy,

I understand your dilemma.
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