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Here's the simple instructions for this section:

1) Post Your Fan Page Url for Other Members to Become a Fan
2) Anyone that Replies that they have become a fan, then you become a fan of their page.
3) Become a fan of everyone that is listed, and post a reply to each person that you have become a fan of.
4) Log in everyday to add more fans

If you you just post your url and do not reply to other members, then you will be banned from the exchange.

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Hi Neal. Just liked your page. Please like us as well

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I am a fan (you have already become a fan of my pages, thanks)

Hi Randall.  Just liked your page. Please like us as well!/pages/Max-Perry/123228764526?ref=ts

My fan page! Everyone is welcome as a fan!!!!

Hi Karen. Just liked your page. Please like us as well

I just became a fan!

What the weather like in the U.K.?

Become a fan of me if you want. Thanks
i did...please becoma fan
I just became a fan!


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