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Does LinkedIn have any value to you? How many customers did you get in 2009 from LinkedIn?

I am just wondering if it is worth spending my time on developing a presence on LinkedIn.  I am interested to hear how other people are using it and what value they are getting from it.  Also, I am curious how many cutomers people got from it in 2009.

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Yes. LinkedIn has a great value for me. On LinkedIn I get in relationships with artists of interest for 11musikk which I am Festival Manager for, as well as professional relationships within the Word-of-Mouth genre.

I have not got any customers from LinkedIn - but I have got a lot of knowledge about WoM.
I agree with Dave. I believe to get the most out of LinkedIn one needs to keep it updated. I do find building connections to be a bit difficult. I've not participated in the forums that much so I have no idea about that. I did not gain any customers or prospects in 2009, but I do believe it's a tool that can be used effectively.

Have an amazing day!

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I've been on Linkedin for more than 3 years. I've gotten a lot of business contacts and also I can use it to promote my websites. I get help on business aspect of business wants and needs. Go to at least look at it every once in a while. Worth the time and effort.
linkedin is for acquiaintances who you want to strategize with that may become friends.
they are often bridges to conversions.

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